Tuesday 23 June 2015


Reader Lauren loves YA fiction so much she's begun to blog about it… 

Lauren says:
I recently started a book blog, and I'm loving it. It's quite easy to set up a blog - you can do it for free and it takes no time at all. I've used a site called Blogger for mine - you have to create a Google+ account and then you can get started on making your blog. There are loads of templates to choose from and you can change where things go and play around with the way it looks. It's your blog, so it's all up to you!

The reason I started blogging is because I am a huge fan of YA (young adult) fiction and I love reading in general. Many of my friends have blogs where they upload reviews, upcoming releases and experiences of meeting authors. I decided it was time to make a blog for myself! I am not very tech savvy so I worried it might be daunting, but I am slowly getting used to how everything works. I have already put up quite a few reviews, as well as an author interview. I am hoping over time that more people will follow my blog, and that it will become more well known.

Having a blog is a great way to connect with other readers and it's extremely safe too - you can choose who views your blog and who doesn't. I meet quite a lot of authors, and now I can just add them straight away onto my blog page and write about meeting them! I would recommend that anyone who loves books and writing think about starting a blog - you just need to have lots of things to write about, and good internet access of course!

The book community is full of lovely people, and having a book blog helps you to feel more involved and more up to date with what's going on in that world. It gives you the chance to chat to people you wouldn't usually be able to, and it has given me a whole new hobby!

Check out Lauren's blog here!  http://laurensbooklife.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Cathy says:
Sounds awesome! Have YOU ever kept a blog, or would you like to? If so, what would YOU blog about? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Blogging is difficult! I mean, setting it up was easy enough - like Lauren, I'm not tech-savvy but I easily set the background and the colours from my smartphone - but the upkeep is really taxing for the terminally lazy. I can go over a month between posts because I either don't know what to post about, know what to post but can't be bothered to write it up or just feel that no one ever looks at my blog anyway (I know this isn't true because I sometimes get comments on posts) so why bother posting? I'm sure that, at some point, I'll settle into it but right now, it's difficult to get ideas. I do like books and I have a couple of half-written reviews. I also bought a ton of books recently so maybe I'll try and read them faster and write reviews for each one? And I should make more posts about cats. Everyone loves cats. Maybe I could make a post each about my past obsessions - Doctor Who, motorbikes, Green Day, lolita fashion, etc? Typical - I get all my best ideas at 2am! Anyway, rambling aside, I think a blog takes true dedication and a wide range of knowledge on things to post. I think it also helps if you have a specific topic to post about like books or baking rather than being all "Eh, I'll post whatever" about it like me.

    1. why don't you whenever you get an idea write it on apiece of paper and then do your blog in the morning

  2. I love blogging! I set one up at the start of this year and do beauty, fashion and lifestyle based posts http://pinksmartiesblog.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I love your blog! Your design and header are awesome- did you design it yourself? Your posts are so funny and cool- especially the one about the perks of being ill!

  3. I've just set up a blog, and considering the fact that I want to be a journalist one day it's giving me a lot of experience!



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