Monday 8 June 2015


Readers tell us what dance means to them… could it be YOUR fave hobby too?
Georgia says:
Dance is literally my life. From the first time I walked into the studio at the age of two, it felt like my home. Twelve years later it is still my home and I spend the best part of my week there. Even the days that are not spent in the studio are spent choreographing new routines or trying out different moves. I honestly don't know what I would have done without dance in my life… at the moment I literally cannot live without it. I do five different kinds of dance - ballet, tap, modern jazz, acro and contemporary. My favourites are either ballet or contemporary because they allow you to show your feelings and express different emotions in response to a piece of music. Dance has made me a stronger person physically and mentally, and more confident too. I love performing, so when we do shows I feel right at home dancing in front of a big audience. There are so many opportunities with dance and I have made some great friends because of it!
Tia says:
I do modern/ freestyle dance - I love it, and have been doing it for a year and a half. Last year, my dance school was invited to take part in the Strictly Come Dancing tour with stars from the TV show. We had to produce two seven minute dances and we have been asked to do something similar this June. I used to dance when I was much younger, around four, but my confidence wasn't great back then and I didn't really stick to it. When I started again in 2013 I made lots of new friends. I knew I'd struggle with confidence for the Strictly performance, so I made myself do several smaller ones at fairs and small festivals, which really boosted my morale and helped lots.

Hannah says:
I have been dancing since I was two years old - I do ballet, modern and tap, and I love all of them. Dancing is my life, and I study every night of the week and also at weekends. It can be hard work, but it doesn't always feel that way because it's something I want to do. I love dancing - I enjoy telling a story through movement and I love knowing that people all over the world can understand that story. That's the magic of dance - it cuts across all language barriers and just about every culture I can think of have a dance tradition. It's a very human way to express yourself. I have been lucky enough to dance in professional shows and they are always fun - sometimes, you get to dance with the most amazing people. I have also taken part in a number of dance competitions and they are great fun too, because they bring people from the dance community together. I absolutely love dance and I will never stop loving it!

Cathy says:
I love the passion and enthusiasm Georgia, Tia and Hannah show in their accounts… it almost makes me want to dance, too, and I have two left feet for sure! Have you ever studied dance? Did you love it or find it hard work? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. i do ballet and i am in grade 3 and i have a huge show coming up #nervous

  2. My sister's auditioned for the royal ballet young associates... I swim and she dances though my endless tries with getting her to read Summer's Dream all fail! She'd much rather watch Billy Elliot the Musical if you ask me. Xxx

  3. I used to do ballet but I gave up because I play violin at a high level and it takes up most of my time.I did it up till last year i was in grade 3/4 i can't remember but I got really good marks marks in my exams and now I am kind of sad that I left.I loved that feeling when you are doing your moves and it just feels so cool. I was cinderella in our show one time and when the crowd started clapping I felt amazing.Dancing is the best.Even though I don't get lessons anymore I still like to practice the moves sometimes and make up dances to songs.



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