Saturday 20 June 2015


Reader Kiki feels that GINGERSNAPS could almost be her story… read on to find out why!

Kiki says:
I've been a massive fan of Cathy Cassidy's books for as long as I can remember… but when I read her book GINGERSNAPS I realised it was a storyline I could relate to on a whole new level. Just like Ginger in the story, I was overweight and bullied in primary school, I hated my name and yes, I even had red hair. To add to all this, I made a friend in Year Seven who tried to make me cooler (only in this case, her intentions were kind!). I then made another friend who taught me to love myself as I am… and her name just happens to be Emily, like the character in the book! The similarities went on and on… I grew up drinking blue lemonade, took part in making the school newsletter and made several bands that never lasted very long.

It was like Cathy had taken my life and crafted it into Ginger's!

I have always wanted to be an author or a poet, and Cathy's characters inspired me to take a few further steps towards achieving that dream. I decided to create a Wordpress blog  and used it to write poems about Ginger, Sam and other CC characters (as well as writing and blogging on other subjects). I made one post which was an outfit for Ginger! My blog does take a lot of inspiration from GINGERSNAPS, but I think that's OK… I just identify with Ginger and Sam so much and I love finding inspiration and creativity from their story!

You can visit Kiki's blog here…

Cathy says:
Wow, I am SO happy that my book Gingersnaps has inspired Kiki to start writing and create an amazing blog of her own… I also LOVE her brilliant drawing of Ginger and Sam! Awww! Which CC story could be the book for YOUR life? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I'm really really enjoying gingersnaps!! But i'm not sure what book (My life) Hmm.....



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