Sunday 21 June 2015


Readers share their best advice on being true to yourself and finding a little bit of happiness in every day!

Saffie says:
Confidence is a train. For some it goes smoothly but for the majority of us it has bumps. Teenagers are on this train… and it's not fair, as the majority of us are self-conscious for their faces, hair, size. For me, I feel like I am OK. I don't care what anyone thinks of me. If I like it, why can't others? And if you don't like it, how can you expect others to? I feel that wearing make up is something we mainly do for ourselves, but too much? It's perhaps just trying to fit in. No one deserves to have their confidence train crash and burn.

Rebecca says:
In this life, almost everyone will have something to say about you. We are trained to think we have to look a certain way, right from when we are toddlers, with stick-thin Barbie dolls that don't have as much as a freckle. As teens we compare ourselves to movie stars (who probably eat mostly lettuce) as well as our friends. If make up was a religion, most girls would follow it - make up can make you feel more confident, but trust me, you DON'T need it. You are perfect in every way. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Alannah says:
Growing up in a very mixed-up society, too many young people are forced to conform to a set of standards designed to make everyone the same. People must change themselves, fit the mould, in order to feel welcome. As a result, unique and brilliant qualities are hidden as the person tries to fit society's perfect model… and disillusionment follows as we realise that nobody is perfect.

Carrie says:
I think the teen years are the hardest of all. When I was little I just didn't care too much what others thought of me, and now (I am fifteen) I waste hours every day worrying what my friends may think of me or worse, what strangers may think. I also spend stupid amounts of time trying to be 'pretty' and fit in with the crowd, with the hope that boys will notice and approve of me. I don't like that I act this way. I think it's ridiculous but I still can't seem to help it. I want to be myself, confident and happy and brave, but usually I don't manage. One thing I know, though, it is getting a little easier as time goes by. My courage and confidence are growing. We are all amazing as we are, I know this, yet listening to my own advice is not always easy!

Emma says:
Don't let anyone ruin your day because all you have to do is smile and be happy to ruin theirs! Ignore anyone who is trying to make you sad, unhappy or annoyed because they are trying to bring you down… they don't want you to be better than them. Life is short… smile while you still have teeth!

Michelle says:
Making the best of ourselves is done by truly being us. With the ever changing society that we live in, we tend to sway and all aim for the same goals, but that's not what it's about; that's not being ourselves. Let's not forget the uniqueness in the world and within ourselves. Every human is unique - let's celebrate that fact instead of trying to blend into the background!

The fabulous illustrations are by reader Hannah - wow! (And thank you!)

Cathy says:
Some great advice and insight from some pretty awesome readers! Do YOU feel you can be true to yourself or do you feel safer being part of the crowd? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. that helped heaps! thanks, needed that. those pictures are absolutely stunning... and fit with being yourself perfectly.
    love them!

  2. I have actually found that throughout my teenage years I'm actually becoming more positive and confident in myself. A variety of factors have contributed to this but I think one that I cannot forget is the character of Skye Tanberry - she has inspired me to wear what I like without caring what others think, and even helped me discover my own style! I don't like being the centre of attention but I like to be seen as an individual who doesn't really follow everyone else - does that make sense? :)



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