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Reader Manda can't decide which of the Chocolate Box Girls sisters she is the most like - she can identify with them all!

Manda says:
I love the Chocolate Box Girls series but I don't really have a favourite sister - I feel I can relate to them all in some way, connect to their characters and how they feel. I think I am some kind of weird hybrid!

I'll start with Coco… she reminds me of a much younger me! I'm usually very girly, but I do have a tomboyish side and enjoy taking risks. I love horses and I'm passionate about all animals and the environment, and though I'm no longer as adventurous as I was at Coco's age, that part of me is still in there somewhere! She's definitely more outgoing and outspoken than me and I admire that about her. I find her passion and optimism very inspirational, and partly because of her I have been trying to regain some of that old drive and optimism because there are quite enough cynics in the world, thank you very much! In some ways Coco reminds me of Roald Dahl's Matilda in that she sees injustice and wrong in the world and tries to put it right, simple as that. I also fully agree that animals are way better company than people! Although I don't quite share Coco's indifference to boys and like boys as friends, at seventeen I still haven't got to the point where I see boys in a romantic way!

So… Cherry. Cherry may be the sister I relate to  most, although I don't have a problem with telling fact from fiction the way she does! I'm very creative and just about anything that lets that creativity out makes me happy. Like Cherry, I know how it feels to be on the outside. I have moved around a lot in my life so I know what that's like, and I'm not the most outgoing person so I don't make friends easily and it takes me a while to trust. I have some amazing friends who love me as I am, so I'm not complaining, but I've been there! Cherry had to fit into a ready-made family, and I know how it feels to be 'late to the party' as in entering new groups where everyone seems to have known each other for years. Not easy! Cherry's looks set her apart and for me it's my accent - although nobody has ever bullied me for it, I do feel different from everyone else the minute I open my mouth. The feelings are basically the same - at one point I even cried reading CHERRY CRUSH because I connected so strongly. On a last note, I have owned fish too, like Cherry, and can confirm they are way more intelligent and sentient than people give them credit for!

Skye… like Skye, I love dressing up (I don't always do it, but I'd love to!) and while I don't always like EVERYTHING vintage like Skye does, I am always up for giving something unique or different a chance! I love learning about the past… not necessarily history the way it is taught in schools but the people, their lives, feelings, what they wore and how they lived in their time. I like stories set in the past as they can seem like a whole other world. Like Skye, I am not at my happiest in large crowds of people and sometimes like my own space. I certainly wouldn't throw a party and invite lots of virtual strangers, so I can strongly relate to Skye not wanting a huge party for her 13th birthday. Like her, I am very creative and enjoy a good daydream now and again!

Honey… if I'm completely honest, I can't relate to Honey much when it comes to personal experience, but I am drawn to her in the way I'm often drawn to the most lonely/ broken/ misunderstood characters. I'm not like her personality wise - I don't have the heart to be mad at the people I love for too long without reason, or try to make their lives difficult for the sake of it. I do feel sorry for Honey though, and always feel like I want to give her a big hug and stick her back together. She's so in denial, believing her dad still cares when everyone (readers and characters!) can see how futile that belief is. Even though I relate much more to Cherry than Honey, I still cried and felt fiercely protective of Honey when she began to lose Shay because of how sad it was. She didn't really trust anyone but Shay and losing him broke her completely, which pretty much broke my heart too. It was one of the many times I wanted to break the fourth wall and run to the character's side and be their friend forever and protect them from all evil… I can always dream, at least!

Summer… I can easily relate to Summer because of her love for dancing and her determination to work towards reaching her goals. I don't plan on becoming a prima ballerina and love most dance styles equally, but I have loved dancing ever since seeing my first ballet twelve years ago. I've been taking regular classes for five years now. I love constantly challenging myself to see what my body can do, as well as the creative aspect of interpreting the music through movement and expression (a kind of silent acting). I also love performing in front of an audience and the pretty costumes are always a plus! I am not as good at practicing outside of lessons as Summer is, so in a way she inspires me and motivates me to work harder! Like Summer, I am quite girly most of the time and wear a lot of pink, so you could say my usual style is a more casual (possibly somewhat less tasteful!) version of Summer's!

Cathy says:
I LOVE this… like Manda, I can identify with all of the Chocolate Box Girls sisters in one way or another. I love how Manda has channeled that influence and styled herself as each sister for the feature! So cool! Which of the sisters are YOU most like? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Did you mean, "I'm usually very girl'y'" in the paragraph after the introduction?

  2. I feel like I'm mostly like Skye, with a love of vintage clothes, history, dressing differently to others, etc. but I have Summer's shyness and like to keep the peace

  3. I'm mostly like honey tanberry because I can relate about her a lot to me



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