Thursday 2 July 2015


More words of wisdom from happy and successful adults to their thirteen year old selves… some are sad, some funny, some just… wow.

You are not responsible for the behaviour of anyone else, no matter who they are, how they are related to you or how old they might be. You are only responsible for your own behaviour.
Lal, research worker

Don't worry when people say 'these are the best years of your life.' It's a lie. These are the hardest, craziest, most mixed-up years of your life, nut there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Always be true to yourself, even if it means going against the grain and being the odd one out. Nurture your individuality - it will make you a more interesting person in the long run.
Cheryl, manager, journalist, mum

I think I was much more sure of myself at thirteen years old than I am now. I thought I could change the world, and sadly with age I have had to accept that I can only 'do my bit.' I do try to, with all my might, but I wish I could get some of that passion, determination and risk-taking attitude back. Maybe the message would be, 'Don't let life change you!'
Steph, trainee doctor; runs an animal rescue

Don't join 'MySpace' - that way you won't meet the guy who makes your life hell for a whole year.
Mystic, author

Don't eat out of date sausages! That was SUCH a waste of a weekend…
Ben, bookstore manager

Your life may not be the one you counted on, but don't let go of those ideals because cynicism and apathy corrode everything and leave a bitter taste. Disappointment will feel powerful and sometimes the pain will seem hard to bear, but keep faith with life and people. Forgive everything and everyone, including yourself.
Sue, author

There's a huge world beyond this town. You won't always be alone.
Jen, author & illustrator

Being shy doesn't mean you are less important than the loud ones. Quietness is a power: it means you are an observer, a listener, a writer.
Olivia, teacher & author

Grab opportunities and just go for it. Don't worry about whether you can do it or if you'll be a success or a failure because even if it's the latter, it's still a learning experience you can use in the future. Believe in yourself - believe that you can achieve what you want to, that you have the capabilities to be more than you are right now and you don't need anybody's permission to do this but your own. Oh… and don't worry about the frizzy hair. The world will invent products capable of dealing with it!
Barbara, librarian and campaigner

Cathy says:
I love these messages. From the funny to the heartbreaking, they make me think and make me remember how very hard it was to be thirteen. Which message chimes the most with YOU? COMMENT BELOW to have your say.


  1. I think I agree most with Olivia: quietness is a power. I was really quiet as a thirteen year old, and really shy too. I rarely ventured out of my comfort zone, and rarely spoke to other people.

    I think if I had a message for my thirteen year old self, it would perhaps be 'leave your braces alone!', because I managed to break the wire no end of times (the worst time was in the snow, and I had to wade through two feet of it for a mile to get to the orthodontist with the wire embedded in my cheek...), and it drove my parents up the wall!

    1. I also agree with Olivia, I'm not always quiet and shy, but i can be, and that still does make me an observer, listener and writer. writing is my passion, i will never let it go...

  2. I'm not even thirteen yet but if I did ( because i get bullied) i would tell myself to ignore the bullies and get on with life



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