Monday 13 July 2015


Reader Holly cares so much about animals that she has contacted her MP to ask them to protect the bill that outlaws hunting with hounds, which the government are trying to overturn this week…

Holly says:
Right now, our foxes are facing a crisis. The Conservative government have proposed some frightening changes to the Hunting Act. Fox hunting with hounds is illegal now (although culling foxes by shooting is allowed), but if the bill is changed in the way the Prime Minister wishes, it will become legal for foxes to be set upon by packs of dogs. This is very different from shooting a fox to protect farm animals. The fox is chased until exhausted by people on horseback and packs of baying hounds; it is then torn to pieces. The suffering and viciousness of the act is intensified and it is clear just how cruel and wicked this is. To think this could be legalised in the next few days by the most powerful people in the country is terrifying. I can't imagine why anyone would want to do such a thing.

I think that all animals are beautiful. Foxes are gorgeous woodland creatures that deserve to be left alone, undisturbed. Whatever happened to compassion? To care? To love and respect for nature?

We need to fight against this change and not allow disaster to happen. We need to protect the Hunting Act and stand up for our wild creatures, who may once more find themselves victim to a vicious bloodsport, a bloodsport that should have ended a long time ago.

I love drawing and dream of being a writer and an illustrator, so I made a picture which expresses my feelings on this issue… you can see it, illustrating this feature. Wild animals - not just foxes but hares and stags also - need us to stand up for them. We must not allow this so-called sport to be legalised again. I have emailed members of the SNP and the Labour Party today to ask them to vote to protect the foxes - you can do the same. The foxes will thank you.

Illustration by the wonderful Holly!

Cathy says:
I am 100% in agreement with Holly. I believe that fox hunting, stag hunting and hare coursing are shameful bloodsports and belong firmly in the past; they have no place in 21st century Britain. The amendments to the Hunting Act will be discussed on Wednesday… I too have written to my MP and signed petitions to show how upset I am by the threats to make hunting legal again. What do YOU think? COMMENT BELOW to have your say...


  1. I agree with you. This is soo cruel, it makes me want to cry :'[
    I understand how it feels. You are really determined and inspire me to have my say and change the world.
    Thanks again

  2. You are great!

  3. Well said Holly. It's great to see people who have strong opinions who can express them in such a thoughtful and well reasoned way. And what a beautiful illustration. Keep at it Holly!

  4. I strongly agree with this. Animals have just as much feelings as the rest of us and they don't deserve to be treated this way. Keep it up, holly!

  5. Thank you! So pleased you like the article and that it's relatable. Let's hope for a positive outcome and that we get the outcome we're hoping for x

  6. Hunting is just wrong. It makes me quite upset and disappointed that MPs are even considering changing the law. What has a fox ever done to David Cameron? Nothing. I don't think david Cameron would like it very much if we set a pack of dogs on him as he ran through a set of woods, so why do it to a fox? While foxes are wild animals, they have as much right to be protected from harm as we do; as any other animal does.

    I have signed a few petitions too. We used to have foxes come into our garden, and they were never any trouble and never hurt anyone. I'd hate it if one of them was to get hurt if the new laws came into effect.

    1. I so agree, Visions in Blue. Sadly, David Cameron is a keen fox hunter and that's a big part of his wish to overturn the hunting ban. Scary. xxx

    2. I'm so glad the SNP have changed their minds at the last minute and decided to oppose the bill, as the vote has been postponed!

      I just think it's shame how David Cameron hasn't seemed to have thought this through much at all. He seems to want to benefit people that miss the sport rather than the environment around him.

  7. I 100% agree with you Holly! Fox hunting is so cruel, what did they ever do to us? This "sport" is inhumane and I will be so upset if the government vote in favour of it! I have signed a petition against it on, and I urge others to do the same!

  8. I 100% agree with you holly. foxes deer rabbits etc. are innocent they shouldn't b hunted they should be protected not treated like dirt they should be taken care of they should be respected and no just foxes and deer all animals from the earth worm to the giant Asian elephant all animals need protecting

  9. The horrible thing is- our Prime Minister will hunt foxes, for the sheer sake of it.

  10. Foxes are beautiful animals. Shooting them and tearing them to pieces with bloodhounds isn't 'sport'.



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