Friday 17 July 2015


Reader Blue writes about the pain of losing a much-loved pet in this powerful post…

Blue says:
My beautiful little buddy was put to sleep last week… and I am devastated. Papillon had an incurable bladder condition and although we tried anti-biotics and a special diet, the problem only got worse. But that's not how I want to remember him… I want to think of him as a happy, mischievous cat who loved sunbathing and stealing people's seats. I want to remember him as an unbelievably fancy, stuck up cat who would revert to kitten if you rubbed his belly. I want to remember him as a sweet, placid cat who, whilst we may only have had him for five short years, left indelible paw prints on our hearts and dodgy stains where he peed on the carpet.

That's who he was - and he deserves recognition for being such an amazing spark of light in the dreary dullness of my adolescence. Papillon, I love you and I am going to miss you so much. How am I supposed to survive without my little buddy, huh? Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge - I bet Finn has reserved you a sofa to scratch. What can I say, ladies and gentlemen? Time to play 'Can't Smile Without You' by Barry Manilow or 'Gloomy Sunday' by Billie Holiday and scroll back through all those memories…

The last word goes to Papillon: 'Mew. Prrrrrp!'

This blog was first published in Blue's own blog, The Bitter Bluecolic. You can read/ follow Blue's blog here:

Cathy says:
I loved this piece and the heartfelt emotion behind it. I too have lost some much-loved pets over the years and I can definitely identify with Blue's feelings for Papillon. Have YOU ever grieved for a very special pet? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more... 


  1. I have. My birds. I live in Australia so they were budgiegars. commonly known as budgies here. I have had 6 budgies altogether. I have loved and cared for them constantly. About a year and a half ago was when I lost my last 3. Lavender, Eagle and Sparky. I went out to say good night to them and put the cover down over their cage and there on the top was a snake. I was scared and hurried to tell my brother. My mum was with me. My mums partner picked the snake up on a big board and carried him far away. I went to sleep. When I woke up mum came in and said that the snake had come back and killed all 3 of my lovely birds. I cried really hard for a long time. We had a little ceremony but I cried through that as well.
    I, like blue, want to remember them as happy, bubbly, fun and smart birds, not ones that were eaten by a snake.
    I hope they are having a great time in heaven and that they are singing happily and tweeting hello like I taught them. I love you birds, I really do.

  2. Aww :( he sounds like an amazing cat; such a beautiful name, too.

  3. I remember when my dog Clarence was put to sleep. I was only four and it happened because he attacked my. He died because no one was sure if he would do it again. But I know he wouldn't have. He was a lovely dog he wouldn't hurt a fly. He was ten at the time and he was lying right across the hallway. I stepped over him to get past but I startled him and he leaped on me and tore at my cheek. Now I've got a scar that will never go away so people see it and ask what happened. I tell the truth but I can't do it without a tear in my eye..



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