Thursday 9 July 2015


We asked for your fave sunglasses selfies… and we're loving the results!

Eilish says:
I LOVE these shades as they remind me of my dad! I don't live with my dad and just see him occasionally - when I do, we usually go on adventures! In the summer, we'd grab some fruit, jump in the car, chuck our shades down and just drive. Once we ended up wading through a river… I ended up sinking really deeply into this grey, gritty mud. It was like one of those very expensive spa mud bath treatments, only totally natural! My dad and I couldn't stop laughing! That - and the shades, of course - was one of the best memories of that summer. We went on so many adventures to so many beautiful places all over New Zealand… and in all of the photos we took, I'm wearing my cool shades!
Heather says:
Probably not the best picture, considering the unexpected flash of sun practically blinding me, but… what can I say? I love these sunglasses! I bought them last year on a trip to Poland. They were a quick buy but they are kind of snazzy and have a cool retro/ indie vibe which was probably why I was drawn to them in the first place. And now, whenever I wear them, I think of sunshine and happy times on that Polish trip...

Pippa says:
This is my sister Charlie wearing MY sunglasses… we had a pair each, originally. They are silver with pink-tinted lenses, but I think Charlie lost hers because she borrowed mine… she's always taking my stuff, haha! I don't mind because I got her to pose for some photos and we had a bit of a laugh… still, I think I'll have my sunnies back now, thank you!

Violet says:
This is my brother Toby wearing sunglasses for his prom last year. They're prescription sunglasses from Specsavers and the frames are called 'Toby' which is his name, so… yeah. He likes this picture because he looks like a special agent, but mostly his sunglasses pics are pretty miserable because he really hates summer. He has hayfever and doesn't like the heat and the light, and there is no chance of snow which is his favourite weather. Summer is a curse on his very soul...

Cathy says:
Are you enjoying the warmer weather? COMMENT BELOW to tell us why - or why not. Or email Cathy via the main website and send in YOUR sunglasses selfies!


  1. It's winter over here in Australia, so I'm not wearing my sunnies at the moment. I don't think I actually even own a pair of sunnies! This lot has inspired me to finally go buy some.

  2. Hi everyone, I did a Cathy Cassidy discussion on my blog! Please check it out.

  3. I have to have prescription sunglasses too, so there isn't a lot of choice for me, as I have to have thick frames for me coke-bottle thick lenses. Luckily, I found a pair of red ones with really dark lenses in them, which I love! I'm waiting for them to be made and delivered, and they should be here at the weekend, in time for the Royal International Air Tattoo!



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