Tuesday 14 July 2015


Skye Tanberry looks into her crystal ball and makes some predictions for July… psychic, silly or spookily spot-on? You decide!

ARIES: Summer sun brings the opportunity for travel, adventure, sports and fun - don't waste a minute, enjoy the freedom!

TAURUS: Plan your summer out - you don't like surprises, so take control and get organised! Your friends will look to you to take the lead.

GEMINI: This could be the month you finally get together with your crush… but first you have to decide WHICH crush! Fickle? You? No… just a born romantic!

CANCER: Holidays are fun, but sometimes you're happiest at home… plan some sleepovers and picnics with your friends and get exploring your local area!

LEO: Your ideal summer would be spent on a sun-kissed beach, sipping ice-cold smoothies and holding court to your friends… whatever you do, your July will be super-cool.

VIRGO: Time to ditch the shyness and make some new friends this summer… join a club or learn a new sport or skill. You'll wonder why you waited so long!

LIBRA: You may find yourself stuck between two friends who've fallen out… don't be dragged into their squabble, remind them of what friendship is all about and help them make peace!

SCORPIO: Don't neglect old friends this summer… call them up and make plans to meet. You may find yourselves becoming closer than ever!

SAGITTARIUS: This summer, you have a creative project bubbling away in your mind - be brave and have a go at making it a reality. You'll never know if you don't try!

CAPRICORN: Don't let worries about the future stop you having fun in the present. Soak up some sun and lose yourself in a good book… and watch the worries fade.

AQUARIUS: You're never short of friends, so summer should be just about perfect… be the one to get everyone together for a beach party or a picnic and just chill and enjoy the fun!

PISCES: You're a real water-baby, so take full advantage of that this summer… learn a new skill, like diving, kayaking, surfing or sailing! You'll make new friends too, and that's always a bonus!

Cathy says:
Ooh… mysterious! Is Skye onto something? Are her predictions accurate or way-off? Do YOU take much notice of your star sign? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I hope this series is continued! :)

    1. Same here! What about if the next one is about crushes? I don't know why but I'm thinking that that'll be somewhat amusing (if you really think about it . . .)

  2. I am happier at home, true, but I don't like sleepovers because I can't sleep if someone else is in my room and I don't have anyone who'd want to join me on a picnic. And my local area is a council estate full of screaming kids who try to run me down on their bikes. There's a reason I'm happier at home! I hope this becomes a monthly feature!

  3. I am Gemini, and I can safely say that Skye Tanberrys prediction for me is wrong. I don't even LIKE any boys!

  4. I have to say, being a Capricorn, that Skye's prediction is most likely true; I can worry occasionally, but it's a definite that the things and people I love wash any of that away :)

  5. I am a Virgo, and although Skye is an excellent fortune teller the reading for me this month isn't quite right...
    I swim 3-5 times a week for anywhere between 1 hour to 1 and a half hours and some of my best friends do it with me...

  6. I'm a Leo, but I think the prediction for Capricorn is more like me! :) I like reading horoscopes, and I read quite a few in a day and not one of them says the same thing twice. Some of them are very thought provoking, and can make you look at things happening in your life in a different way.

  7. I'm a Leo and I don't go out with my friends so that's not true.

  8. I'm a Leo. I think it isn't completely true but I love the idea...

  9. I'm Pisces but I'm definitely more like Leo



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