Thursday 30 July 2015


Readers reflect on how it feels to be leaving school… and how to handle the challenges ahead! Lots of great advice here…

Saffron says:
I left primary school last year. For our leaver's trip we went on a Harry Potter Studio Tour and on the day of the leaver's disco we had a water fight! On the last day, we looked at old pictures and signed t-shirts… awww. Secondary is OK - it may seem big and scary at first but you soon get used to it!

Chloe says:
I left primary last year too. We had a huge leaver's party a few days before the end of term; all the girls went in a party bus and the boys arrived in a limo! On the last day we signed each other's shirts and had our very last assembly… we were given mugs with our portraits on and a scroll with everyone's names on too. It was bittersweet for me as I hadn't enjoyed the last few years of primary, but I knew I'd miss the teachers. I was petrified on my first day of secondary but looking back I don't know why. Secondary school is great - enjoy it!

Grace says:
I will be leaving primary in a few days and it is all about mixed emotions. We have Year R buddies, and we've helped to settle them into primary school… and we have to say goodbye, knowing we may never see them again. And they don't even know it. That can just break your heart in two. You also have lots of questions about secondary. What will the teachers be like? Will you get lost? Will someone help you if you do mess up? Will you make friends? What clubs will you be in? It's end of something, but the start of something too.

Khadijah says:
Leaving primary was the worst… leaving our friends and the teacher's who had watched us grow up. The last few days everyone was signing t-shirts and crying their eyes out. We had a parents' tea party where they came to watch us say our goodbyes… then there was a whole school assembly which made everyone cry. We sang the leaver's song and the Head read out a poem she'd written herself, then we looked at pictures of the last year and that was that… the end of primary.

Rhuadhan says:
I lived in the islands when I was younger but we moved to the mainland when I started secondary. I definitely miss primary school. It was fun going to school next to the sea…

Angel says:
We had a leaver's trip to Drayton Manor and a Hollywood themed prom! On the last day everyone was calm and nobody was crying… then the bell went and everyone started to cry, including me!

Zuzanna says:
As I write this, I am a few days from leaving primary. I've had my induction days for secondary and I am excited and nervous at the same time… it's strange to be leaving the school I've known for years. All this time I've wanted this to happen, but now I'm not so sure!

Kiera says:
I am leaving in a few days too… I'm anxious and upset to leave my friends and also the teacher who has helped me develop my writing skills and pulled me through the bad times. I feel like thetime has gone too quickly, that I am not yet ready to branch off. The Green day song Wake Me Up When September Ends keeps running through my head. 'Seven years has gone so fast… wake me up when September ends…' Those lyrics sink into me at the moment. There is one thing I am excited for… meeting new people. I want to make new friends and meet new people and high school is the perfect opportunity for that.

Molly says:
It can be the best thing ever to have a friend to rely on, but always let her know she can rely on YOU too, as she may need a helping hand sometimes. If you are moving schools, as I am in September, remember to keep seeing your friend and stay in touch with texts too. My friend (Lily) is fabulous and I will miss her lots, but this won't keep us apart. I'll also miss Chloe, Keira, Lucy, Poppy and Leah…

Cathy says:
I remember that mixture of worry and thrill when leaving primary school… but if you are moving on from primary this year, trust me, you are ready for the new challenge! How do/did YOU feel about leaving primary? Any tips for handling secondary school? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Stay in touch and there's always a new surprise round the corner. You never know, you might reunite with your old classmates in university or college!

  2. Secondary school is nowhere near as bad as a lot of people make out! It can be tough in the first few days, when you're getting used to new people and new surroundings, but by the end of the first half term you'll be fine.

    A lot of the older students will be there to help you, so don't be afraid to ask for help! I used to get lost all the time, and all of the older students I asked for help were nice and helpful, even if they did look like they would be difficult to approach. If your secondary school has prefects, they're meant to look out for new starters anyway, so they're a good first point of call.

    Most of the teachers may have fearsome reputations among other students, but most of them will be nice to you if you are nice back. In fact, they're probably like teddy bears inside!

    I have two golden rules of secondary school:

    The first is JUST ASK. If you have questions just ask them! If you need help, ask for it; the help is there waiting for you to ask for it!

    The second was given to me when I was in Year 7 by my year head: If you are nice to people, people are nice back.

  3. Secondary school... My best advice is to befriend everyone in your form/class or whoever you spend majority of your classes with so there's no awkwardness when you're asked to work together or do any big group. It's also great as you can ask them questions before turning to a teacher as I know that can be daunting too. Don't only befriend your form but people in higher years too, maybe your house? Me and my friends really enjoy talking to year 12s that we know when we spot them in the corridor and we know we're welcome to any other form room (within our house) trust me, we've had 7F, 8F and 9F in 1 form room before!

  4. I remember leaving primary school... I was so nervous! But it was all fine, I much prefer secondary school now... it is much more interesting. However in September I'll be starting y11... yikes! ;-)

  5. I cried- but it wasn't a big deal. I'd only been at that primary a year and everyone hated me, so it was exciting to be moving on and having a fresh start. I'm going into year 9 soon.

  6. I remember leaving my school as it was just two weeks ago. I miss my friends as they aren't going to my school.

  7. I remember leaving a lot. I miss my friends and I am scared of the journey ahead.

  8. It was hard, it was sad. I had friends that were going to a new school, but we keep in touch, don't let them fade. Stay positive, talk to new people, it is scary at first but it is great to meet new people, make new friends. Don't hang back, get in the crowd and talk!

  9. Not that bad still scary though

  10. My biggest piece of advice for starting secondary school is to make friends with people in your class and tutor group. On my first day of secondary school, I found someone with a similar timetable to mine and we went to all our classes together. It made starting school so much easier. Also, make sure that you get on the good side of all your teachers and be nice to them, and hopefully they'll be nice too!

  11. My teacher did the most sad speech about my ear and played just the way you are as she promised in yr 2 so sad boy did she make me cry! Looking forward to secondary school though!

  12. Sometimes it happens! Don't break your head! Keep up working and you'll achieve your aim! UK Essay Writing Place

  13. I started secondary school fairly recently.. and I love it! I have a big group of loyal friends, some new and some old, I've discovered new talents (I'm loving hockey and netball) and taken part in brilliant drama productions, sports matches and trips. At first I was quite worried about losing my friends, about us getting separate interests and moving on, but that never happened. Secondary is amazing! Enjoy it!



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