Wednesday 22 July 2015


Reader Honesty asks Cherry Costello to help her solve a clutch of worries on the DREAMCATCHER problem page this week…

Honesty says:
I am having problems at school. I am overweight and people tease me about this, and I don't seem to have any friends. I am passionate about reading and writing but sometimes I do feel lonely. I will be going into Year Six soon, but I am not sure where as I might be moving house and school over the summer. My mum has been having trouble with people on the street, so the idea of a move makes me happy and gives me hope. I am almost eleven and I want to take up yoga. Can you help me, Cherry?

Cherry says:
I can identify with some of what you say. I had no friends at primary school - I could never quite work out why, because I tried hard - too hard, maybe. I wasn't overweight, but I learned early on that if people wanted to be mean they would find an excuse, any excuse. If you'd like to tackle your weight, try going at it from a health point of view; yoga would be a great start, as it helps with stress and worries too. You can get a book out of the library, buy a DVD or even follow you tube tutorials online… the most important thing is to practice every day if you can. Walking, cycling and swimming are great exercise too, and can get you feeling fitter and trimmer quickly if you keep at it. Once you're feeling better, look at the food choices you make and cut back on sweets, chocolate, cake, crisps and fizzy pop because these are mainly empty calories and not very healthy. Don't try to diet, though - I have seen at first hand how worrying about a weight problem can turn into something much scarier, with my step-sister Summer.

Moving house and school will give you a fresh start, so work on your self-esteem this summer holidays, too. Cathy's book LETTERS TO CATHY is full of great confidence boosting advice, but the basics are that you need to stop being so hard on yourself and start acting as your own best friend. If you believe in yourself, others will too and this, combined with a smiley, friendly attitude, should help you to make friends in your new school. I am proof that you can move on and leave the bullies behind - you can too. Good luck!

Cathy says:
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  1. Wii Fit is pretty good for yoga :) I use that quite a lot when I don't have time to fit in a full yoga class. As long as you eat right and get the recommended amount of exercise, I wouldn't worry about being overweight: sometimes it can be caused by hormones and will balance out should you suddenly have a growth spurt like I did when I was in Year 6.

  2. In the first paragraph of the post, I think you meant (the idea of a move make's' me happy) instead of the (the idea of a move make me happy). The brackets were used to indicate the part that I was talking about.

  3. Cherry is sooo right. By the way, I look like cherry!



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