Tuesday 28 July 2015


Want to have a bonfire party just like the ones you've read about in the Chocolate Box Girls series? Cathy's new book, CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS, tells you how… and there are ideas and tips for a whole lot more adventures, too!

* Choose a site for your bonfire well away from the house and from any trees, sheds, fences or overhead wires. Warn neighbours beforehand… or better still, invite them!

* Fire can be dangerous, so ask an adult to take charge of lighting and looking after the bonfire.

* Check a pre-built bonfire before it is lit in case hedgehogs or small animals are taking shelter there.

*String fairy lights through trees and along fences to decorate, and dot solar powered lights along pathways. Tie up some ultra violet or glow-in-the-dark balloons in the trees nearby.

* Ask friends or family to bring guitars, penny whistles, flutes, djembe drums, mouth organs etc to play - and if nobody plays an instrument, have a singalong instead.

* Bring glo-sticks and sparklers for after dark fun!

* Serve soup in paper cups, baked potatoes, hot drinks or smoothies, depending on the season.

* Use a sharpened stick to toast marshmallows over the bonfire - eat carefully, as it will be melty and very hot inside!

* Make DIY s'mores by sandwiching a melted marshmallow between two chocolate digestives. Yum!

Photos modelled by Cait, Mina and Calum at one of our own bonfire parties… awww! Text taken from 'BONFIRE PARTY' on p 98 & 99 of CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS.

Cathy says:
If you'd like more tips on how to make your parties the best-ever, plus LOTS more cool fashion, craft and foodie projects to try, check out my new book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS… it's choc-full of awesome, creative makes and things to do. Are you the arty, creative type? Or a sociable party-animal? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Might also be an idea to keep pets away from the bonfire. I think most will stay away, but there's always one cat who gets too curious and gets too close...

    Jelly cubes are also really good for melting over the bonfire and then wedging between two chocolate digestives :) I used to toast slices of bread (and drop them in the flames!) too.

  2. I'm really looking forward to buying the chocolate box secrets book-it looks great! Is there a page for each day of the year? :)



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