Monday 6 July 2015


Reader Megan started blogging six years ago… and now it's an integral part of her life! Find out why she loves it so much!

Megan says:
My blog is called Megan's Mega Blog and I started it six years ago because I loved crafting and wanted to share my creations with the world. My first post was a step-by-step tutorial on making a snowman Christmas tree decoration! That seems like a long time ago now! I've learned a lot in the last six years. These days, I make sure the pictures I use are either taken by me or drawn by me, and sometimes I change the blog's colour scheme to give things a fresh look. I plan to write more baking/ cooking posts, but I love doing art and fashion posts as well! I love the way that the blog is a kind of record of the last six years - and that I will be able to look through it in the future and see what I used to do in my spare time!

I think blogging has helped me as a writer because posting often has got me used to coming up with ideas quickly. I think it helps me to avoid writer's block, too! It has also helped me as a person by motivating me to do something creative when I have the chance, or to try something new… because I know I can then write a blog post about it! After school, I plan to be a fashion designer and ultimately I'd love to open my own high street shop. Blogging helps me to stay focused on this dream because I try to post on fashion design every now and them and describe my inspirations. Although I don't plan to be a writer as a career path, I do love the idea of starting up a small magazine with pages similar to my blog posts in it!

There are a few bloggers I really look up to… one is kenza365 who writes the 5starwriters and 5starartists blogs. They have a clear and consistent theme and Kenza is happy to discuss topics with her readers. I also love Cathy Cassidy's DREAMCATCHER blog - it's a great read for girls and has a good mixture of serious and fun posts. The final blog I love is NeverSeconds - a blog where school dinners are critiqued by a young girl! It's quite funny to see school meals reviewed by a student - plus her blog has had recognition from Jamie Oliver! My advice for people starting a blog is to upload often so that people come back, and don't be afraid to be personal and write about what matters to you, whether that is designing dresses or creating the perfect pizza for tea! Be original, and enjoy writing your posts because that will show in your work!

You can check out and follow Megan's fab blog here… 

Cathy says:
I love Megan's advice and the way she has made blogging a part of her life, a way to unite her various interests and share them with a wider audience! Would YOU consider starting a blog? COMMENT BELOW to say why - or why not!


  1. I don't want to start a blog yet - I'm too busy in finishing off my story . . . anyone have any top writing tips up their sleeve?

    1. Zarin, I do! when your creating your characters always make sure you have a clear description of who they are. You can wright about their personalities, their hobbies, their background and family, friends, and their looks. There's much more to, and it helps make the character more real. Also, sometimes its good to experiment with not thinking whilst you wright. I think it will give it more power and feeling. You can also use this if your writing poetry!
      good luck!

  2. I have a blog its called superstitous girl

  3. It's so difficult to post often though! Once a month is surely enough? Kudos to Megan for keeping it up for 6 years!

  4. I blog quite a bit, but that's just because I love to have the chance to just write about everything and anything, and just let out what's inside of my head. I think I publish posts about three or four times a day, but I tend to write them all in one go, and then use the schedule button to post them at intervals.

    I have five different blogs. Two of them I don't update anymore at all because they are about specific points in my life which have now passed but stand as a reminder of what happened and how bullying can affect people, one that I update every now and then that has some short stories on it, and two I update regularly. All of them are really personal, but to me that's a good thing because it means I can share my experiences with a wider audience much more closely and explore more detailed parallels.

  5. I have a blog... follow me!

  6. This is a really intriguing article on your blogging experience, Megan! :D And I totally agree! Megan's blog is also really worth taking a look at - she always posts about interesting topics, delicious recipes and her awesome artwork. I really owe you one for mentioning my blog - I feel really honoured! <3

    Thanks for posting this, Cathy! This blog is awesome! I'd also like to mention that I'm a fan of the Chocolate Box Girls series too. :D

    1. Thank you so much kenza! I'm extremely glad that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours! :)



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