Tuesday 28 July 2015


When reader Zarin found out I was visiting a school near her, she campaigned to be allowed to go along - and her lovely teacher allowed Zarin and a friend to attend! This is what they had to say about the day…

Zarin says:
I simply adored the visit - I mean, we are talking about seeing my FAVOURITE author here! In the talk part of the morning, Cathy talked about her totally awesome and gorgeous books, especially  CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS and FORTUNE COOKIE. She read an extract from the books, and from the very first sentence I knew I would love them! Afterwards, the students went off to do lots of workshops themed around Cathy's book LOOKING GLASS GIRL, but we couldn't stay for that part alas. I did get to meet Cathy, have a chat and get my notebook signed… and I got a photo, too! I loved it all from start to finish and I wish I could rewind it all and do it all again!

Savannah says:
We sat down in this really large hall with lots of purple seats and in front of us was this huge screen featuring Cathy's books; below the screen was a picturesque Mad Hatter's Tea Party table which looked amazing! There was a cake stand with lots of cupcakes specially made to tie in with Cathy's book LOOKING GLASS GIRL - they looked so delicious I could have eaten the lot! Cathy started the session and gave us an insight to her books as well as telling us about her website and the DREAMCATCHER blog. Zarin kept whispering that she couldn't believe we were really there, and that was driving me nuts, but she is as big a Cathy cassidy fan as I am so I did understand how she felt!

Miss Mowe says:
As a school librarian, I felt it was a great opportunity to meet an author like Cathy Cassidy. The children were impeccably behaved… entertained by Cathy and by the wonderful activities lined up for them by Nuneaton Academy, who hosted the event. And guess what… now, the school library's biggest demand is for more Cathy Cassidy books… the children just can't get enough of them!

Cathy says:
Awww! Zarin had been emailing me for weeks before the event, on an almost daily basis… I was so glad her school allowed her to attend! A big thanks to Nuneaton Academy for hosting such a lovely event, and special thanks to friend and ex-pupil Neibh who helped to set up the visit. Have YOU ever been to a CC school event? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much for posting this on Dreamcatcher! You made my day even better! You're the best, most kindest, most awesomest, most fantasticest author in the whole entire world that I'm not really bothering about my punctuation and spelling and grammar because my day has been well made!!! :-)

  2. I'm kind of gutted I didn't realise you were in my hometown! I walk past the Nuneaton Academy on my way to and from work every day!

    Cathy came to visit my primary school (Wembrook) about 8 years ago. I still have the copy of Dizzy she signed for me sitting in pride of place on my bookshelves. :)



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