Monday 27 July 2015


Readers share their favourite holiday memories from years gone by…

Rachel says:
We went to Egypt the year before the Arab Spring kicked off. We did the most amazing things… we saw the pyramids and went on a train to Luxor and visited the Temple of Karnak there. We went to the Valley of the Kings and everything. Then on the last day we went in a hot air balloon above the valley and the River Nile, and we could see people's houses below, and they had no roofs on and you could see people getting up, because this was very early in the morning. When we landed it was a bit scary but an experience I will never forget. I would love to go back to Egypt again one day.

Macey says:
A caravan holiday in North Wales was my best holiday ever. Dad had been working all hours to try to save his business which was struggling, and things got quite bad between him and Mum. They split up for a while and Dad moved out for six horrible months. It was a time I don't like to look back on. In the end, he sold his business and took a job that was much less pressured and he and Mum began to talk again. He booked the holiday as a celebration that he was moving back home, and that we were a family again. It wasn't as flashy as holidays we had had when I was smaller, but to me it was perfect.

Kat says:
We never had a holiday abroad until I was about ten. We went to an island called Andros in Greece, and it was amazing. Our family went with another family we're all friends with, and it was so brilliant - our apartment was right by the beach and the water was so warm you could swim all day. We bought flippers and snorkels from the village shops, very cheaply, and taught ourselves to snorkel, and we played ball and sunbathed. I think having our friends there made it extra special and we all bonded more than ever. They have almost become like family to us. We have had joint holidays since then, but that first one was the best because it was the first time we'd been abroad and everything was so different and so cool.

Jessica says:
We go to visit family on the Isle of Skye in Scotland every year, and it's always the best time ever because I get to see my cousins. Everyone relaxes and we get so much freedom… we do lots of outdoor stuff and it all feels like an adventure. There is something about the place that feels so magical, I can't explain it. When I grow up I'd like to live on Skye, or somewhere wild and beautiful like that, anyway.

Illustration by the amazing Danielle… love this pic, many thanks!

Cathy says:
I loved reading these! I've had lots of lovely holidays and travel adventures… lots of happy memories! What has YOUR favourite holiday been? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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