Friday 24 July 2015


Readers share their verdict on FORTUNE COOKIE, the series finale of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS… ooohh!!!

Sydney says:
I absolutely LOVED Cathy's amazing new book FORTUNE COOKIE. It was so different and exciting, like nothing I'd ever read before. There was always something going on and I literally couldn't put the book down until I'd finished… even in the middle of a trip to London with my best friend, as you can see from the picture! It's an awesome book that sums up all of the other stories in the series and ties up all the loose ends. I think jake is a fantastic character that lots of readers will be able to relate to. He is my favourite character of the series - apart from Coco! I am so sad to say goodbye to Tanglewood, but FORTUNE COOKIE was the best series finale I could have wished for!

Dorothy says:

Well, where do I start? This book has been just as incredible as all the others - it was a great book to finish off the series. I think it was my favourite out of them all! Cathy Cassidy's books are just so gripping - I had to force myself to put FORTUNE COOKIE down to go to sleep, so I could enjoy more of it the next day. Tanglewood is just so magical! Every sibling in the series has a completely different story to tell, which makes it so interesting… you just can't tell what will happen next. The scenes are described so beautifully, they conjure up an image as clear as a photo taken on an i-phone 6 - very clear! That's extremely hard to do, and I admire that. In FORTUNE COOKIE, it was great to have a story from a boy's point of view, to mix it up a little. I like the way Jake's life changed dramatically as the story unfolded. The story had a bit of a moral to it - you shouldn't always expect things to be the same as they were in the past because new experiences can change everything. My favourite part was the ending - a truly fantastic way to finish the series off! Thank you cathy for writing this series… they are my fave books EVER!

Josephine says:
FORTUNE COOKIE is one of my favourite books now! I got the book through the post a couple of weeks ago as my friend and I won them for being finalists in the My Best Friend Rocks competition. After the first few pages, I was hooked! The book tells the story of Jake Cooke, an ordinary boy with a talent for trouble. He travels from his cramped flat in London's Chinatown to Tanglewood, where the Chocolate Box Girls await him… well, that's all I am saying, because I don't want to give away the plot! I stayed up all night to read the book and read it in the morning too, while I was getting ready for school. My copy of the book is extra special, because it has been signed. I think the cover is really beautiful, too, and hopefully that will also encourage people to read the book!

Jess says:
OMG! FORTUNE COOKIE is simply the best… it sums up the whole series, really. I honestly can't find powerful enough words to describe it. I love how Jake never gives up hope, even when his life seems to be in tatters and he feels lost and miserable. His can-do attitude is inspiring. He may not have a complete family, but family means everything to him and he longs to fix things and make things better for everyone. This results in the Tanberry-Costello family being happy - it's as if Jake is the missing component all along. I have already recommended the book to several friends, and I've only just finished it!

Cathy says:
Yay! FORTUNE COOKIE is a perfect summer read, and you can buy it from all good indie bookstores as well as Waterstones, WHSmith, online bookstores and even Tesco and Asda! You HAVE to find out how the series ends… put this on your summer reading list! Have YOU read FORTUNE COOKIE yet? COMMENT BELOW if you'd like to share YOUR review in a future DREAMCATCHER post!


  1. Hi! I loved Fortune Cookie and I would love for my book review to be published on dreamcatcher. I already posted my review on the comments of this post: so I can send you a photo of me with the book if you are interested. :) I know it is quite long so if you want it to be shorter for the post then just let me know and I can adapt it. I loved his post by the way! :D

  2. To right everyone is! Each review is so true... please read, it is a perfect read, so well put. Wow, I read it in June, and I still cant stop thinking about it, I have recommended it to a few people... and one has read it and loved it! Enjoy :-) I can do a review if you want Cathy.



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