Tuesday 3 November 2015


Readers share their surefire ways to beat the winter blues… try them out when you're feeling fed up!

Kelsie says:
Drawing and painting are my lifelines when I feel sad. Art is my way of expressing myself… I just channel all the emotion into what I'm working on and it helps me to sort of 'step away' from the feelings. I don't feel engulfed by the sadness anymore, and I've created something as well. Interestingly my art teacher really likes some of the things that have really been painful or emotional pieces for me. Art is about feelings, not just techniques!

Lois says:
My surefire way to cheer myself up when I am feeling low is to bake. I gather all the ingredients together and start to feel the calm of getting organised, then follow the recipe… it feels as though you are in control, making something positive to overcome the fed-up feelings. Then at the end of it, you have something sweet and lovely to share.

Cara says:
Running is the one thing that switches off the sad feelings for me. I am not very sporty or competitive, not at all, but at school we have to do cross country running and I noticed that it really lifts my mood and switches off the anxieties running through my mind. My mum runs sometimes too, and I have started going out with her, and I have been asked to go to training after school as well. I think I will, because I have never found anything so good for keeping the stress at bay.

Bel says:
I Skype my best friend. She moved away and she lives in Scotland now, but in a way it doesn't matter - we can both help when the other one is feeling down because we are outside of the everyday ups and downs at school, and we can be impartial and sympathetic for each other and offer better advice than if we still went to the same school. I know she will always be there for me and that means the world.

Jade says:
Loud music, every time. I turn the volume up and zone out, and the music I choose is heavy and I know some people would call it miserable, but I don't care because it works for me.

Zara says:
I am trying to learn to meditate, because I do get very wound up sometimes. I am not very good, but I keep trying, and if my mind wanders and starts to stress I just go back to the start and try again. Even though I am not very good, it does help and I look forward to those ten minutes every day.

Fab artwork by talented reader Chloe - many thanks!

Cathy says:
Some fantastic advice here! What is YOUR best way to beat the blues? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. music helps me through everything and anything it soothes me soul

  2. Wow love the drawing! Writing helps me through the sad and bad stuff, I also read and cook. All those things help me clear my head and burn the bad feelings.

  3. Hmm.. a good book and/or chocolate works for me! It distracts me pretty soon, and that really helps! Olly Murs music too!



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