Sunday 15 November 2015


Not everyone gets period pain, and with luck you will escape the cramps that some girls get in the first day or two of period time. But what if you do get pain? I used to, and sometimes had to take time off school because of it; not good. Readers share their top tips for beating cramps at period time… I wish I'd known some of these tips!

Lara says:
It sounds odd, but swimming really helps me. It's my favourite exercise so I use tampons when I have my period so I can still swim, but I do get cramps when my period starts. The last thing I feel like doing is getting in the water, but if I can make myself do it, I always find that after five or six lengths the pain has gone and I am really relaxed.

Jennie says:
Camomile tea and a hot water bottle and a cheesy DVD to take my mind off it… and sometimes a painkiller if that doesn't work.

Deborah says: 
Paracetamol and sugar - chocolate is best! Good company helps too, it can be a great distraction!

Amy says:
Take painkillers, move around and drink lots of water but stay off the caffeine! Let yourself cry if you're feeling wobbly - it's just your hormones. Eating dark chocolate can help - it's allowed at this time of month! Remember, you are going through this for the sake of mankind and the human population, and that's pretty darn cool!

Deanna says:
If you struggle with cramps, see a doctor - they have lots of ways to help ease the pain. Why suffer? For me, painkillers no longer work so my mum gives me a reflexology massage to relax the muscles, which helps a lot.

Sarah says:
I agree with Deanna… I went to the GP as my periods were awful and I was also anaemic. I was put on a version of the pill to straighten them out and decrease the pain, and it has made such a difference.

Autumn says:
Chocolate. Sanitary pads. Good book. Make yourself a nest in the duvet with these things within easy reach. If you get bad headaches like me (I don't even know how that's connected - hormones or something?) get some of those sticky cooling strips chemists sell - they're blue and you stick 'em on to ease your headache and make you look very silly. A girl I knew reckoned drinking milk helped with her cramps. I can't verify that, but hot chocolate with whipped cream helps with mine!

Davina says:
Yoga is what helps me. I normally hate exercising but when my period comes, I am addicted to yoga! I've noticed that caffeine makes the pain worse, so I avoid it now. If you have a cat, snuggle up because when they purr it really seems to help! A friend told me a cat's purr has healing frequencies… and they're cuddly, too!

Photos posed by model Tia - huge thanks for your help, Tia!

Cathy says:
Chocolate, camomile tea, yoga, swimming, hot water bottles, good books, cats, hot choc, massage… these are remedies I like! If all else fails, paracetamol and a trip to the doctors should sort things. COMMENT BELOW to tell us YOUR top tips for chasing away the cramps...


  1. Water. If it's the answer to ditching cramps at swimming it's the answer to ditching period pains. Chocolate is great too, I ensure to stock up on dark chocolate especially before I'm due. As I'm not confident to swim with a tampon I generally take a week off training and catch up on school work and spend a bit more time with my friends. Although I do take prescribed tablets for my periods they don't really prove to help pain wise so I take paracetamol to help ease the several knives stabbing at the inside of my stomach. At least I know I'm not the only one!

  2. Good book, hot tasty drink and quiet date on the sofa xo.



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