Thursday 26 November 2015


Reader Deborah has been supporting Epilepsy Awareness month this November… find out how, and what you can do to help!

Deborah says:
I've been a supporter of Epilepsy Awareness for a few years now. I first became aware of epilepsy when my form tutor told us she had the condition - I was eager to find out more and was so sad to see how much it can affect people, children in particular. I found out about people like Haley who has Dravet Syndrome with severe tonic-clonic seizures whenever she falls asleep; this affects her family badly and also her learning. I was upset to see someone of my own age not having the opportunities and privileges I have because of epilepsy. I wanted to do what I could to help.

I discovered events like Purple Day - March 26th - and now Epilepsy Awareness which runs throughout November. This year on March 26th I wore purple and handed out awareness ribbons made of loom bands to people in my school choir. We travelled to three different schools to singer Easter songs and I was able to flash my bracelets and highlighted purple hair extensions as I sang. I've also uploaded two videos on Epilepsy Awareness and how people can help.

This year for awareness month I decided to do something different - for each day of the month I am taking a picture of something purple I have worn or seen and posting it onto Facebook. I'm calling the project Purple Pics for Epilepsy Awareness and linking it to the charity End Epilepsy on Facebook. I chose to help people with epilepsy because I want them to have normal lives and that a miracle treatment may yet be found. With the right effort and contribution to charities like End Epilepsy, we can work together to stop epilepsy from controlling people's lives. Raising awareness is a start, I am ready to do whatever it takes - are you?

Find out more about Purple Day…
End Epilepsy -
YouTube (my stuff) -
 YouTube (their stuff)

Cathy says:
Like Deborah, I have strong feelings about this illness because it has affected people close to me. I love Deborah's idea of posting purple pictures for every day of November! Have YOU ever done something cool to support a charity? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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