Thursday 5 November 2015


I asked a bunch of successful adults what message they'd have passed on to their thirteen year old selves… this is what they said!

It's going to be tough. You're about to live the worst years of your teenage life, but it will be fine in the end, if you let it go. You're not perfect and you will be wrong sometimes. What you think will last, won't: friendship, family, even love. But change is not necessarily bad. You believe you're worth nothing, but let me tell you, nothing is worth feeling that you don't matter.
Justine, French book blogger

All shall be well - now live like you believe it!
Nick, author

You are a shining light; never let it dim. You have no idea how very strong you are, and how far you will go. You will doubt that, but you'll come to know your true value in time. Life will not always be kind, but you will triumph. Stay soft. Stay hopeful.
Lynn, author

You get to where you are because of who you are.
Tony, indie bookseller

You're not an island. These things that have happened to you have, in some way, happened to others too… don't be angry or scared. I know you're strong - much stronger and wiser than you know. You have experienced much hardship in life so young, but it will make you a stronger person, this I know. Keep your fight going, don't give up. Be the hero you want to be. Life will throw you many more curve balls but soon you will understand that this is what life is about… rising above the waters, not drowning, seeing that white sandy beach, those palm trees, that ever-so blue sky. Keep swimming and fighting. Crying is normal, too - it helps the soul release much tension. Keep on seeing those beautiful colours when you hear music; that is the secret to becoming a great artist.
Rik, picture book illustrator 

Too much of a confidence-boosting pep-talk with knowledge of the future could be dangerous. A slightly older me might then not stick with a miserable relationship for so long… and that COULD mean… no wonderful son! So maybe poor, lonely, bullied, weird thirteen year old Ruth has to remain uncomforted… for the sake of the timeline!
Ruth, musician and mum

Cathy says:
There's something hugely powerful and brave and positive about these messages… especially coming from warm, wonderful and successful adults to their much less confident thirteen year old selves. What message would YOU share with your younger self? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Look after your teeth and your skin. Wear sunblock and clean your teeth twice a day. Your middle-aged self will thank you for these things far more than almost anything else.
    And those photos of you which you believe make you look ugly - in 30 years time you will gaze in wonder at how beautiful you really were.



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