Monday 16 November 2015


More readers tell us about how they use the internet, and why - or why not - they're hooked on it!

Sarah says:
Well, I don't think my mum would ever let me go out without my phone, because she has a habit of texting me to see if I'm OK about twenty times a day! If I had to live without my phone, I'd basically have no life. My phone keeps me in touch with friends and family, holds most of my college information, important numbers, dates… as for the internet, I've learnt most of my general knowledge from it… Google is a lifesaver. I'm not really sure what I DON'T use my phone for. If anyone tried to take my phone away I'd suffer real psychological distress!

Charlotte says:
I'm not really addicted - well, maybe I am when it comes to fanfiction, or keeping up with the latest Marvel news. I occasionally post on Instagram and only look at Facebook to see what my favourite celebs post, or to see if my air cadet squadron has changed the program… it's just a way to keep up to date with stuff. I couldn't live without my phone as it's the main way I communicate with friends and family, especially my mum, although I don't see the point in Snapchat. I know a good few people who are addicted to the internet, but I think I have a healthy balance…

Fouzia says:
I'm addicted to Facebook as I get to chat to my old mates from the past. Leaving them was the hardest thing ever, because we grew up together and my bestie and I had been together since second grade. They mean a lot to me, and we have a group chat we use quite a lot. I also love the Cathy cassidy Facebook page and DREAMCATCHER! I love Instagram and Twitter too because you can find out the truth behind the rumours on people's official accounts. Yup, I love it, but I also love to log out and go read a book or play with my siblings…

Holly says:
I went on holiday for a month in the summer and had no signal or wifi. I was really grumpy for the first few days, but after that things got better. I began to see that practically my whole life revolves around my phone, and I didn't like that feeling. I have cut back a bit now, and I am much more aware of the time I spend on my phone.

Laura says:
My family are pretty strict on things like mobile phones, internet and technology. My sister got a mobile when she was fourteen, so I still have two years to go… the idea is that she can use it to keep my parents informed when she is out with friends. We are home schooled, so I don't feel any pressure from friends, but I am a bit envious sometimes of friends who use the internet a lot. My parents use it, but only for set things - they want us to learn through doing things, not just from the net. We don't even have a TV, but I admit that when I go to my friend's house I get hooked on the TV almost instantly… I can see how it would be addictive. Computer games too… I don't really like them, but if you start to play you do get hooked. I think my family have tried to give us a more 'natural' start in life, but I expect that when I am older and want to go to university, all of those things will become part of my life. I hope I won't become addicted, though.

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Cathy says:
Could YOU go without the internet for a day? A week? A month? Or would it be the end of the world? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. I am just completely obsessed with reading blogs and watching YouTube.I am only allowed to read and watch at the weekend,but as a special treat I am allowed on during the holidays.A weekend without the internet and YouTube would be horrendous.



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