Tuesday 24 November 2015


For ninety minutes or so each night, we dream. All of us… almost every night… and the symbols and imagery in our dreams are a kind of universal language. Our guide to some of the more common dream themes - and what  they might signify!

Water is thought to symbolise emotions. Is the water murky, turbulent, dangerous, peaceful or calm? Whatever it's like, the chances are your emotions are feeling that way too. Time to think about your feelings and make sure all is well...

Dreaming of a house can represent the mind… if the house is orderly, attractive and clean, all is well; if the house is untidy, dirty or falling down, it may signify that some areas of your mental wellbeing have been neglected. Think about what the problem may be… and make a start on putting it right!

Dreams of falling may signify a strong sense that some aspect of your life is out of control… the fear this causes surfaces only in your dreams, but if you can identify the source you can try to put it right.

A dream of flying high can be exciting and awesome… and often reflects a surge of confidence and determination to achieve our goals. Harness that feeling in your waking hours, too!

Dreams of being chased can be terrifying, but are very common. It is thought that the trigger for such dreams is not linked to the fear of being hunted down, but of what is actually chasing us… trying to work out what we might be running from in our everyday waking life is the key to sorting dreams like this.

A dream or nightmare of being trapped in some way can symbolise an area of our waking life where we are in a situation that seems impossible to escape from, or are faced with a choice that is very hard to make.

Fabulous artwork by talented reader Rebecca… many thanks!

Cathy says:
Yikes… I used to have lots of terrifying falling nightmares as a small child… but now I hardly ever remember my dreams! Do YOU have vivid dreams? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I have most of those dreams. When I dream of water it is turbulent. I have always been fascinated in what dreams symbolise, now I know and they all seem to fit.

  2. i dream about my crush what does that mean?



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