Friday 27 November 2015


It doesn't matter how cool or classy our name might be, the impulse to tweak and change it is always going to be strong! We asked readers to tell us about their awesome nicknames and how they evolved!

Boo says:
My real name is Bethany but I have never been a girly girl… I am and always have been proud to be a geek. My parents called me Betty Boo when I was a toddler but as I got older and saw the real Betty Boo I knew that image wasn't me. Mum has always encouraged me to be myself, and I decided I would keep the nickname Boo… that had always seemed perfect to me. The nickname makes me proud because all my friends and loved ones use it… if someone calls me 'Bethany' I know I must be in trouble! Sometimes people laugh at my nickname but I don't care, because i like to be unique. I'll never give up my nickname - it's my identity, and I'm happy being me!

Blue says:
My nickname came about because I had blue hair and a new friend who had such an awful memory he couldn't remember my proper name. Well, to be fair, he remembered it pretty fast but he went on calling me Blue because it suited me… and not just because of my hair colour. He reckoned blue was a very decisive colour - something's either blue or it's not - and he thought that matched my nature. I kept the nickname because I liked how it sounded and it's just my name now… everyone calls me that apart from my family! I might even legally change it one day… I just have to decide on a new surname to go with it!

Phoebe Owl Eyes says:
My nickname is Phoebe Owl Eyes. It started off because I had to wear very strong prescription glasses from quite a young age, and as a result of this, a boy once told me I had eyes like an owl. I was eight at the time and it really upset me, but actually owls are beautiful and amazing and so as time went on I decided to claim the nickname. Over time, it has become a big part of who I am. I collect owls now and use the nickname lots… it's me! I'll always be Owl Eyes and I'm happy about that now… it's funny how a childish comment has ended up being an important part of my life!

Kiwi says:
My name is Kiramae but everyone calls me Kiwi. I love the nickname because it is unusual and quirky and that's the kind of person I am, so it fits! I don't know exactly how it came about. I know I came into school one day and my friend had seen a random picture of a kiwi and was talking about how perfect it was, and suddenly it was being used as a nickname for me! I guess that Kiramae is quite unusual to start with, but it's cool to have a name people have invented for you. Most nicknames are just the actual name shortened, but mine is different and I like that it's unique and original!

Cathy says:
Loving all these cool nickname stories! Do YOU have an unusual nickname? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I love my nickname. Everyone calls me Rue, because Ruadhan is really hard to say. Plus I love climbing trees like Rue from the Hunger Games

  2. I've always liked coming up with nicknames for other people. My favourites for my friends in my form include Lilbo Laggins for Lilly, Jelly for a girl named Jess Lally, and any variant of -Squid for my friends- or Squid Squad, as they named themselves! Another friend, Franki(or Frizzle) got her own back and now nicknames me Cazza, which I didn't like at first but now love!
    My friend Holly is going to change her name legally to her online name and nickname: she'll be Clavain this year with Holly as her middle name!

  3. My nickname is Sully- as my second name is Sullivan! I hated it at first, and used to scream things like "Do i look purple and blue?" at people haha! I like it now though- it just seperates me from everyone else, in a good way!

  4. We were playing a game at school and my friend came up with the nickname Fraza. It is very similar because it is the scottish version of my name. I live in Scotland. My nickname is Fraza or Frazlin....

  5. My name is Grace but all my friends just call me G. I always end my texts with Gx and it kinda just caught on... I love it! I also answer to Boo, as I like to greet people this way. Bit odd, I know, but very me!

  6. My name is Neve, but my family started calling me Nevie Noodle when I was litle. It sort of carried on and now most of my friends call me Noodle.

  7. My initials spell LE, so my friends and family started to call me Ellie. The nickname stuck, and now at school (even to the teachers) I'm either Ellie or Elle.

  8. my nickname is Anaeli, which is very similar to my actual name.

  9. I adore my moniker. Everybody calls me Mourn, in light of the fact that Ruadhan is truly difficult to state. Also I cherish climbing trees like Regret from the Craving Amusements
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