Saturday 7 November 2015


Inspiring reader Rhianna donated her beautiful long hair to charity… find out how, and why!

Rhianna says:
As I walked into the hairdresser's I didn't feel nervous - I knew I was about to do something good! I had my hair washed, dried and plaited and waited for the cut to begin. All of a sudden my head felt lighter and I knew that my hair had been cut off… I could hear the clicking of my mum's camera as she took pictures. My hair used to reach right down the centre of my back. It took me years to grow and used to take a good hour to wash, dry and style. I had to straighten it, too, to make it look nice, and for school I always tied it up in plaits or a ponytail.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity who help children fighting cancer and who might have lost their hair because of the chemo treatment. Children with other illnesses who have lost their hair are helped also, and the charity create wigs for the children and give them free to help those children feel a bit more confident again and happy about their hair.  The hair to make the wigs is donated, and when i heard about this I knew I would like to help other children by giving my hair to the Little Princess Trust.

I feel quite proud because not only to I have a sleek new shoulder length bob but I have helped someone who is poorly as well. It wasn't difficult, and it will create real happiness for someone else. I would encourage others to do what I did to help children in need and put a smile on their faces!

You can find out more about the charity here:

Cathy says:
Wow… what an amazing thing to do! Well done Rhianna - and yes, anyone else thinking of cutting their long hair should certainly check this out. Have YOU ever done something awesome for charity? Would you? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. wow! what you have done inspires me i might do the same thing when my hair grows a bit more

  2. My sister got her hair cut about a year ago and was considering it for a long time before that. Her hair reached down to where her thighs start but she got it cut into a long bob, i said she should donate it as she was getting it cut anyway and she did. I hope this makes someone else happy like my sister was with her new haircut.

  3. My little brother is currently growing his hair for the Little Princess Trust! Hopefully by Christmas, his hour will be long enough and enough sponsor money will have been collected for his hair to be chopped and sent off :)

  4. Last year I cut off 18 inches of my hair for the Little Princess Trust.I am proud of what I did and I think I will do it again once my hair grows out.



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