Thursday 12 November 2015


Check out our guide and see what YOUR favourite colour says about YOU…

If your favourite colour is red, you are likely to be extrovert, optimistic, brave and confident. You are energetic and sporty and love to be the centre of attention, often being the focal point of your friendship group. You are ambitious, determined and crave success - second best will never be good enough for you. You're not afraid to push the boundaries and discover new things, and you are willing to work to turn your dreams into reality. Just be careful of your temper… you can be quick to anger and need to learn how to think before you speak.

Cheerful, happy and fun to be with, you are also creative and very much an ideas person. Impulsive and quick to judge, you can also be very anxious - a perfectionist who can be very hard on herself. You're very independent and prefer a small group of close friends to being part of a big gang. You feel things strongly but often keep your emotions hidden, and you're usually flexible and able to think on your feet. You are clever and have a good general knowledge, enjoying quizzes, crosswords and debates.
Nature-loving and practical, you are kind, caring and compassionate… great in any crisis, because you are able to stay calm and unflappable even when others go into panic mode! You're smart and quick to learn, and have high moral standards. You enjoy community or charity work and like to belong to groups or clubs of other like-minded people. You like to be accepted and appreciated, but do not need praise or rewards… you just like to belong, and to help right wrongs whenever you see injustice. You wear your heart on your sleeve and are quick to love, but are more of a gentle romantic than a passionate high achiever. Friends often seek you out for advice and support - you're one of life's natural agony aunts!

If orange is your favourite colour you are a real extrovert with a flamboyant streak… you thrive on human contact and love parties and gatherings of all kinds. You're usually the centre of attention, too, and that's just the way you like it! Naturally light-hearted and happy, you never take things too seriously but can seem a little show-offy to those who don't know you well. You're sporty and outdoorsy and love taking risks - your high energy levels keep you on the go, pushing the boundaries to find new adventures. You're rarely patient but have the ability to bounce back quickly from most setbacks, and friends love your charm and enthusiasm for life!

Reliable, trustworthy and responsible, you take a while to trust others and sometimes feel unsure in new situations. You love peace and harmony and hate falling out with friends… although you may look confident and capable, often you hide your insecurities and bite your tongue to avoid disagreements. Even-tempered most of the time, you can be seen as cold by those who don't know you well, and prefer to work behind the scenes rather than take a front row role. You are sensitive and caring, and want to help others; you make a loyal friend and always have time for those you love. Spiritual and/ or religious, you have a thirst for knowledge and a need to bring order and calm to the world around you.

If you're drawn to this colour, you are likely to be compassionate, caring, sensitive and thoughtful - you love to be needed. You're a free spirit with a gentle soul and a natural sense of calm, never afraid to be individual or to stand out from the crowd. Unconventional and creative, you live for your imagination and sometimes fall down on the more practical aspects of life. Often intuitive, you are drawn to the spiritual side of life and sense things that others do not even notice. You dream big and are capable of great success in life, combining dreams and ambition. Be careful not to take on too much, and try not to be late for everything… other people's time matters, too, you know!

Cathy says:
Wow… so interesting! My favourite colour is moss green, but I can see aspects of my personality in purple and even yellow (a colour I dislike quite strongly!). Does YOUR fave colour reflect your personality? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I like green and red, and the green is me in a nutshell! x

  2. Red is my main favourite colour but unfortunately it is the TOTAL opposite of my personality. However, this is a great post and I quite like purple (and that description is so much like me)! :D My other favourite colours are gold, turquoise and pastel colours!

  3. I love blue and some of it reflects me

  4. I love the colour green and it reflects me really well. Surprisingly I have spotted different parts of me in all of the colours.

  5. I love the colour red and most of the description is me except some parts, also my favourite colour used to be blue and that description mostly fits me well. However, I absolutely hate yellow and some parts fit me! Thank you very much for putting up this site as I found a lot of information!
    Thank you!!! :D



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