Monday 9 November 2015


Horoscope time again… Skye has been consulting the stars to help predict your fortunes for November. Will she get it right for you? Read on and see for yourself!

An exciting month ahead, and one that holds more than its fair share of surprises! You have turned some aspects of your life around a little in recent weeks, and your new, more positive attitude will pay off. Keep working hard and take whatever opportunities come your way… your efforts have not gone un-noticed and big rewards could be just around the corner!

A few setbacks have been holding you back lately, but this run of bad luck is almost over… adventure is on the cards for November! This could be something big, like an unexpected trip or a chance to shine, or perhaps just the chance for you to shake you and your friends out of your everyday routine and do something special. Keep your eyes open… and when you see adventure, grab it with both hands!

Just lately you have been working quietly to help and support friends and family, trying to navigate the sometimes stormy seas and keep life running smoothly. It's time now to take some time out for yourself… you rarely put yourself first, but you need to right now, or sapped energy and emotions will begin to pull you down. Stand up for yourself and others will give YOU the support you need.

Something you've been working on for a while is about to take shape… whether that's a creative plan, a friendship plan, a romance or something else completely, now is the time! Dream big and start taking steps to put your plans in motion… the stars are on your side!

If schoolwork pressures, home commitments or even rotten wintry weather are cramping your style right now, take action! You work best when you are able to be active and sporty, and if outdoor sports are taking a backseat right now, try something different - swimming, yoga or Tai-Chi are all fun and calming and can be fitted around your usual routine. Give something new a try!

If parent trouble is clouding your life just now, think about how best to tackle it. Strops and tantrums don't go down well, but calm, sensible discussion can break down barriers and change opinions even when parents seem dead set against something. Just don't turn the discussion into a blackmail session or a guilt trip!

Christmas starts in November for you… the excitement levels are probably sky high already, and you're wondering why your friends are rolling their eyes at your enthusiasm! Don't let others burst your bubble - enthusiasm is a great quality to have! Harness that Christmas spirit and get your shopping and planning done now so that you have the whole of December free to party!

Something may be niggling at you lately and making you feel a little bit sad… instead of ignoring it, which is your usual tactic, try tackling it openly. If you've argued with someone, apologise and make it right; if school work is slipping, put in more effort; if it's a bigger problem, talk to a trusted teacher or parent and get some adult support to help you through. Sometimes, talking really can help.

There have been plenty of changes over the last few months in your life… and that's OK. Sometimes, change is good! Take control of life again and steer it in the direction you want it to go… and don't be afraid to make a few changes of your own!

If you're certain that the boy you're crushing on doesn't even know you exist, think again… romance is in the stars. Someone, somewhere, is thinking about you… and falling for your gentle ways and quirky personality. It could be your crush or it could be someone else completely, and only you know if you are looking for love right now… but hey, isn't it nice to know someone cares?

People say you have a sting in your tail, but you've been feeling vulnerable lately… and extra sensitive to the things others say and do. Rather than retreating behind a hard shell, as you have done in the past, try acting confident and cool, as if you don't care… the confidence may rub off and become real. Feeling sad is never good, but it's a part of life… keep smiling and you will get through!

It's ironic that your sign is the scales, because life has been feeling a little unbalanced lately. Too much school work? Too much fun? Overwhelmed by family stresses or friendship worries? You know what you have to do to get the balance right again, but it will take time… write down a plan of how to change things and start taking small steps. You'll get there!

Cathy says:
Ooh… Skye's predictions are spot on for me - again! How about YOU? Do you believe in horoscope predictions or are they just a bit of fun? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I'm gemimi - it's probably true for me, because I love Christmas!xx

  2. What it says for sagittarius, does that mean I'll get my average up in school??

  3. Virgo... Last boy I saw was one from the local school when I went to pick up my sister from school and to see my old teachers. I don't think anyone's falling for me. I go to an all girls' school so that doesn't help the situation...

  4. i'm Pisces and I've researched more about my star sign and it is surprisingly very close to the truth, my personality is exactly as described, i hope November's prediction is true!

  5. Mine is definetley true Im scorpio.



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