Tuesday 10 November 2015


What's YOUR fave subject at school? Reader Kiramae tells us why drama is top of the list for her… and how it has changed her life!

Kiramae says:
I've been doing drama every year at middle school and can honestly say it has changed my life. I have always wanted to be an actress, but I was really shy. When I started studying drama, I found a whole new me - someone who wasn't shy at all! Drama has boosted my confidence - it has helped me see that whoever you are, you won't be judged, because all of us have a story. I love to be able to step into someone else's shoes - see life through a whole different character's eyes, and really get away from reality. It's great!

We put on plays regularly and I have mainly had quite small parts - but this year I got one of the mains!  I was SO excited! We've done Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol and lots more. Even having a small part is OK… you are in the play and of course there's less stress involved!

In a normal lesson, we have a few improvisation games to loosen us up. In one of them, 'Knock Knock,' we pretend that someone new has arrived at our house and act how that will pan out. After that, we may do a piece of acting based on a picture, word, letter, paragraph or object… it's a lot of fun! Drama is a new world where you can really let loose and have fun. I advise anyone who feels shy and quiet to give it a go because it may help you to find the 'real' you, as I did! It may take days, it may take months… but it's worth the wait!

I also made a good friend in drama - you never know! I still want to be an actress and an entertainer and I am planning to take drama as a GCSE subject once I move from middle to high school. I've already picked out my high school - the one with the best drama facilities! I can't wait. I don't think I am ever going to give up drama… it's too much fun! My drama teacher is leaving soon, and I feel very sad about that, but I am determined to keep on doing my best no matter what happens!

Cathy says:
Oh, I am LOVING Kiramae's enthusiasm! Do YOU have a favourite subject at school? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more… you may end up being featured on DREAMCATCHER!


  1. Cathy, I have a problem thing for a Dreamcatcher what do I do??

    1. Email me via the email link on www.cathycassidy.com and mark email 'problem for DREAMCATCHER'…

  2. My favourite subject is art because I love drawing, but I also love reading, especially Cathy Cassidy's books!!!😀



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