Monday 23 November 2015


Reader Irmina was a finalist in the 2015 My Best Friend Rocks competition… which may just make her a bit of an expert on friendships! Read her insights on friendship…

Irmina says:
Friendship… such an easy word with just ten letters… but there is so much more to it! It's always a great feeling to know that there is someone who will always have your back, someone who will be there for you through thick and thin, through hard times and happy ones. I'll tell you about my friendships… I was born in India and had lots of friends there, but when I was just four I moved to London, not even knowing English. I made many new friends.

My first friend was called Ameerah, but there were many more. By Year Three, I was often chosen to take new pupils around the school and by Year Six I had so many friends I felt very confident and happy. My best friends at that point were Patricia and Brigita, but then came secondary school and all my friends were split up and went to different schools. This was a difficult time. I spent a lot of time with Brigita at that point and neglected Ameerah, but when Brigita and I quarrelled Ameerah was there for me.

When I saw the 2015 My Best Friend Rocks comp on Cathy's website, I made a poster and entered with Ameerah, and we were in the top five final pairs. We didn't win the overall award but it was wonderful to be there and be a part of all those girls embracing and celebrating all of our friendships. Amazing! Friendship is never easy, though, Ameerah and I do fall out sometimes, and we go through times when we are upset with each other. It happens! Sometimes, if a friendship isn't running smoothly I think I would be better off alone, but I know I need my friends! No matter what happens, with friendship there is always hope!

I wanted to share something interesting with you. Remember those friends I had back in India? They still remember me after ten years… and I had forgotten them! Even long ago friendships can be revived, and you can never have too many friends! Friendship is not easy - it comes with millions of happiness and some bumps along the way,but that's fine because it's how we get closer as friends. I think a true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else can only see your smile!

Cathy says:
Awwww… wise words indeed! Do YOU have a best friend who means the world to you, or do you prefer to be part of a big group? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Friendship has 10 letters though...

  2. I am part of a big group but i know some of my friend better than others but i know when i need any one of them they'll be there for me.

    1. I got 3 close friends now. 1 is more like a sister to me and 1 is my bff and the other one is just a really close friend. Ameerah and me are just classmates now and I think it's good like that. There's always each person in a friendship group that you're much more close too.
      Irmina xxx



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