Tuesday 20 May 2014


Do you love swimming? Do you swim competitively or just like splashing about? We asked some readers why swimming is their favourite way of staying fit and having fun!

Catherine says:
I am a member of my local Lifesaving Club... I joined after seeing a poster at the swimming pool. It's fun, as we do a lot of rescues with ropes, sticks and containers - and we also do lots of emergency first aid and CPR. I have recently passed my Gold 3 Rookie Lifeguard badge which is the highest one I can achieve until I am twelve.
I also play water polo for a local team. I was approached by my swimming teacher who had recently qualified as a coach to try it. It's actually really hard work as it involves a lot of swimming and is also a hard contact sport - especially if you're playing against boys! I enjoy it, because it keeps me fit and I love swimming, so I guess it's the ideal sport for me!
Deborah says:
I started having proper swimming lessons when I was six as my parents knew someone who ran a swimming club. I went to a swimming club throughout Year Four and Five. I went from only being able to splash about to doing timed lengths in four different strokes when I was in the St Ignatius Club. The club made sure I knew all the basics and I built up my speed by competing with the other swimmers in my class. I only managed to get to the 'green' section in my school swimming club as I still haven't mastered a forward roll underwater, but I can do pretty much everything else; my teacher entered me into the swimming gala and our team won! I love swimming underwater and breast stroke and dolphin stroke are my favourites. I can even do a one-handed underwater handstand, which is cool!

Daisy says:
I loved swimming in primary school and now I swim in my spare time, whenever I can. I am not the best swimmer in the world but I feel comfortable in the water. Swimming is amazing because it's for everybody - no matter who you are or what you look like, you can always find a way to have fun in the swimming pool, whether it's swimming laps or playing around with the floating toys. And it's all good for you!

Eve says:
When I was younger, I used to be terrified of swimming and for ages I was the eldest in my swimming group. I eventually got over my fear of swimming and slowly got more confident in the water. I started to go swimming with friends and family, and eventually my parents trusted me to go swimming with my elder brother, by ourselves. It didn't work out too well. He was nervous and thought I was drowning - he called the lifeguard and I had to be 'rescued'! I was SO embarrassed but luckily it didn't put me off. Let's just say my brother wasn't keen to take me swimming again! I'm glad I stuck with swimming as it's a great skill to know and also loads of fun!

Kristina says:
I started lifesaving classes aged eleven or twelve - I'm now fourteen and still going! It's a really useful skill to have - I mean, the name says it all. It saves lives! So far, I've learnt how to tow people in the water and how to assess and resuscitate a casualty, and many other skills. My swimming technique has also improved greatly. When you're ready, you can take exams, and I currently hold a Life Support award and a Core Silver RLSS lifesaving award. I think everyone should be able to learn first aid and life support, just in case they ever have to use it. Who knows, one day I may be able to put these skills to a practical use and save someone's life!

Cathy says:
I'm not very sporty, but I do love swimming - it's something everyone can do if they try. I used to be very scared of the water when I was a child, but I'm so glad I persevered! COMMENT BELOW if you're a water baby too... 


  1. I had weekly swimming lessons from the age of 5 or 6 until I was 12. I didn't do much competitive swimming, but when I stopped I was almost at the highest swimming class and I could swim 2km. I don't swim much any more though.

  2. Um...there's a couple of errors in Catherine's section. First aid is spelled as "firdt aid" and I'm sure it should be ideal sport, not "idea sport". Sorry. I know I haven't corrected errors in a while, I've been restraining myself because not everyone is as enthusiastic about spelling and grammar as I am. Sorry again.
    Errors aside, this post brings back memories for me. Going swimming every Sunday in Dumfries (and later Hamilton) with my brother, mum and our friends, Pat and Bob. The coveted McDonalds meals afterwards where Bob taught us to make spitballs with the straws. That time I pulled my armbands off and splashed off to the deep end. The many nosebleeds endured by my brother and I whenever we tried to submerge our heads in the water (most memorably, my epic nosebleed at Settle Pool where I literally thought I would die from the blood loss). Our trips to DG One when our stepdad was integrating himself into the family. Getting kicked in the head underwater in the pool. My brother calling "Avenge me!" as he was sucked into the inescapable rapids. That time we ended up using the kiddie slide more than the kiddies because we were overjoyed that our bulk didn't break it. And who could forget the time we went swimming in P7 and the swimming teacher thought that, because I was deaf, she had to speeeaaak...liiiiiike...thiiiiiis...but at a normal volume. Because being deaf is the same thing as being mentally challenged, apparently. I almost fell into a coma waiting for her to finish her sentence.
    Blue. :-)

    1. Thanks for the copy-edit tip-offs Ms Blue, and for the smiles... xxx

    2. There aren't any errors I looked back. Ideal sport is what she said, Blue.

  3. Just back from a swimming comp.... I love swimming!!! I also did a life saving course and it was great!!!:)

  4. I have had swimming lessons from age 5, but quit last year, because I like swimming independently instead of in groups. I am definitely a water baby - there's a sort of freedom that comes through moving through the water. I like swimming because it's exercise (which I don't get that often anymore haha) and it's fun.

  5. I swim on Friday nights and I passed Gold in swimming a while back. I was going to join Rookie Lifeguard but decided not to in the end. I really enjoy swimming and so does my bf, K. I enjoy relaxing on the bottom of the pool with my hands in my lap. I can't stay for very long because I need to breath, but whilst I'm down there it feels like I have no problems in the world and I can just think of what I could write my next story about. :)



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