Wednesday 7 May 2014


SATs looming?Or GCSE/ A levels/ Standard grades/ Highers? Whatever the exam, our fab reader tips on how to maximise study time and survive the stress is well worth a read!

Cathy says:
Start revising sooner than you think you need to - getting a good study habit will keep you calm and make you feel in control. Make a study timetable and try to stick to it; it will help you to cover all the subjects you need to revise rather than just the bits you enjoy. I used to copy out my study notes several times over to make sure they stuck in my mind, and a friend made sound recordings of her revision notes and listened to the recordings on repeat... great ways of fixing the basics in your memory. Repetition is the best way to make sure the information sticks.

Georgina says:
Take breaks as you revise as after the first hour of study your brain needs a brief rest. Treat yourself to a magazine  or a bar of chocolate when you achieve a goal, such as covering all of your science topics or completing a whole day of revision. Exercising is a great way of reducing stress, too!

Katie says:
For SATs, DO study beforehand - but DON'T panic! The test is just to see if the teachers are doing their job properly and to see which groups you should be in at high school. If your school does a study group, go along - you'll feel more prepared and more confident.

Bea says:
Staying calm is the main thing. Be prepared - study for 45 minute chunks and rest for 15 minutes, and keep going! Give yourself time to cover everything - don't try to do it all on the morning of the test or exam, you'll just put yourself into panic mode. Good luck, everybody!

Laura says:
When I'm stressed and under pressure I tend to either daydream or listen to music... I daydream that I am a character in another world. It helps me cope when things are tough. (Revision helps too, of course!)

Stephanie-Jade says:
Believe that you will do your best - don't tell yourself you'll fail, that will just stress you out more. Tell yourself: 'I will do the very best that I can,' and you'll feel a lot better. If you are a work-a-holic, be careful not to over-revise - leave time to take breaks and relax, too.

Hannah says:
Make a plan at the start so you revise all the subjects equally and give a little extra time to subjects you struggle with. I write out a daily plan, tackling maybe two subjects and adding in breaks too. When I reach my target I reward myself with an hour of TV, or, after an hour of revision, I take the dog for a walk to keep my head clear. Don't give up when it seems hard - the harder it is, the more time you need to spend on it. Revising with others helps sometimes and I make little flash cards and tests, too. I'm at uni now and these tips are still getting me through some really tough exams!

Scarlet says:
SATs (well, any exams) can be tricky so the main thing is to stay calm and use your time wisely. When doing the test, scan through the paper beforehand so you know what is ahead; then answer the questions as best you can; then leave time to check through at the end. If you're in panic mode you may miss a question, or even a whole page, as I did.  Check, check, double-check and read the questions carefully!

Lauren says:
Classical music! Aside from the fact that it's awesome, there are no lyrics to distract you and it can be soothing and motivating. Youtube has a variety of playlists for study... go take a look!

Blue says:
Practice with past papers in exam conditions so you know what to expect; you'll get a sense of the time you have to write up essays and answers. Find out if you're a visual or auditory learner. I'm a visual learner so I drew mind-maps with bright colours and pretty drawings. I also consumed my body weight in Mountain Dew in the run up to my exams...

Zenna says:
Don't try to cram your brain... slow and steady revision is best. If there's something you don't understand, ask your teacher to go over it for you, and if your school offers study groups go along. DON'T leave revision until the last minute... that's a recipe for panic. Be prepared.

Do YOU have exams or tests to study for? Do you have a way of working that suits you? How do you handle the stress? COMMENT BELOW to share your views and add your advice!


  1. Well, I'm in year six and I am preparing for the SATs! They're next week so... it's kinda stressful!

    I'm going in for the level six test which was introduced in 2012. However, it helps to know that you are capable of whatever you are doing. But don't let your confidence overflow- a couple of nerves help you work a bit better!

    I study a bit each night. In school, we have small books we fill over the year which I am now reading through. In addition, I play online maths/English games; make mind maps and ask the teacher for sheets.

    Remember! You'll be fine

  2. Aww! Why didn't I have this advice today! I was totally stressing my 6-8 maths paper! Thanks though. I'm definitely gonna use that advice for my Spanish test on Friday!

  3. I live in australia and we have NAPlan instead of all that, but it's still scary! I'll definitely use the advice, because it's next week!

  4. Yoga , soothing music ,candles bath and the heating on studie was well though of course



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