Thursday 15 May 2014


Not an expert in the kitchen? Fear not, you can still whip up some gorgeous cupcakes using this recipe, adapted by reader Deborah from a basic packet cake-mix. No excuses, now - there's even a little video to help you along!

For the cake:
1 pack of Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix
2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4-5 crushed Oreo biscuits
To decorate:
1 tub Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream Icing
Little marshmallows
Coloured writing icing pens
Sugar sprinkles
Whole Oreo biscuits

Also: Cupcake cases, piping bag with jagged tip, cupcake/muffin tray.

To make:
1/ Mix up Red Velvet Cake Mix as instructions on pack; add extra sugar and vanilla extract and mix.
2/ Add crushed Oreo biscuits and mix.
3/ Spoon into cupcake cases in a baking tray, filling to just over halfway.
4/ Bake at 180 degrees C until a knife comes out clean; take out of oven and cool on wire rack.
5/ Fill piping bag with buttercream and swirl onto each cupcake; decorate as required - be sure to use the extra Oreos!

Need extra help? Click the link to watch Deborah's VIDEO RECIPE!

Are you a kitchen klutz? Have a go at Deborah's cool and easy recipe... you can't go wrong! COMMENT BELOW to share your kitchen disasters... and triumphs!

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  1. OMG they look amazing!!! Wow! I love red velvet and Oreos. I had a red velvet cake for my birthday and it was delicious. The hearts are so cute on these cupcakes! :)



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