Friday 30 May 2014


In 2010 I was crowned Queen of Teen, and held the title for two years... in 2012 American Mo Johnson won the crown... and now, in 2014, I am shortlisted again. C'mon guys, it's election time... cast your votes for the chocolate queen! ;o)

Cathy says:
There are two parts to this post... one is to tell you that I am shortlisted for the Queen of Teen award, in case you want to vote for me. Or for someone else, obviously... whatever! My manifesto is simple... free chocolate on the NHS (because it would make people happy, right?) and daydreaming on the school curriculum... yup. The world would be a sweeter, dreamier place, right? So c'mon, my loyal readers... cast your votes HERE and make some magic happen!

Seriously, though, the Queen of teen award is all about encouraging teens to read... it's an award with cupcakes, bunting and pink lemonade. It's cool. In the pics you can see me in the wobbly crown, and with my 2012 superfan Beth. I wonder who my superfan will be this year? I can't wait to find out! One of the pics shows me and my pal Jayde from Puffin books having a play-fight over the tiara in 2012... because pretty much everyone wants to be a princess, don't they?

Well, the thing is, life isn't quite like the fairy tales; a crown won't make all your troubles go away, but one thing I do know... you hold your head high when you're wearing a tiara. You have to, or it'd slip off! So... how about we go for invisible crowns, instead? Each and every one of us can hold our head high and wear our own sparkly crown; and even if others think we are dull and plain and ordinary, we'll know that secretly we're much, much more than that. We're kind and clever and cool and caring... all kinds of great qualities that I KNOW my readers possess by the bucketload. You don't have to wear pink frocks and flowers in your hair - this is 2014, a princess can be exactly who and what she wants to be. You ride a white unicorn or a 500cc motorbike, marry the prince or run off with the woodcutter or choose a career as a research scientist. You can be any kind of princess you want to be. Rock your invisible tiara with a biker jacket and DM boots or a vintage dress and flip-flops... be yourself. Be awesome! It's time we got brave and started believing in ourselves. Wear that imaginary crown with PRIDE!

Voting for the Queen of Teen closes on 7th July, so vote HERE if you'd like to. COMMENT BELOW if you'll be voting - and if you'll be wearing your own invisible crown! 


  1. I voted for you Cathy! I love the invisible crown idea!!!:):)

  2. Well and truly voted! Whoever the superfan is, I bet they really love you and your work!!! My tiara's gonna sparkle brighter than it ever did before now that I can feel it again! It's time for us Dreamcatchers to reclaim our throne! Team Cathy Cassidy!!!!

  3. Invisible crowns all the way! I voted straight away!

  4. Voted for Cathy, why wouldn't I. I didn't really know of any of the others. the invisible crown idea is the coolest.

  5. I voted for you Cathy, I think that free chocolate on the NHS is a fab idea!
    thank you for being my writing inspiration all this time
    love poppy x
    p.s sorry its anonymous I forgot my Gmail password !!!!!

  6. Voting for you!! Hope you win soooooo much!! :D

  7. I voted a while ago. I love your manifesto, free chocolate would be so helpful. And I've been rocking my invisible tiara for a long time. Goes well with oversized army jackets and tartan trousers!
    Blue. :-)
    P.S. Did you have to mention the phrase "flowers in your hair"? Because now I'm singing 'I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair' in my head. Argh, this isn't going to leave my brain for the rest of the night!



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