Wednesday 7 May 2014


Have you ever loved a character in a book so much they felt like they were real? So real you could imagine exactly what they looked like? We talked to some readers who've used their artistic skills to bring some of their fave CC characters to life...

Blue says:
I drew Paul because he's my favourite character in Driftwood - one of my all time favourite CC characters, in fact. I decided to draw Krusty too as that showcases Paul's gentle, caring side. And Krusty is a cute little kitten which is always fun to draw. Paul was great to draw too due to his green hair, plaits and panda-esque eye make-up. Any artist (not that I'm a professional or anything!) can tell you what fun it is to draw unique and interesting people, fictional or otherwise! I used shell, sand, driftwood and seaweed imagery to spell out Paul's name, too, as it fits in with the story. It's not a serious sketch but the best job I could do with felt pens!

Katie says:
I've made a picture of Jude and Carter from the book SUNDAE GIRL. They are my favourite characters because Jude is always strong and doesn't give up hope, even when her mother lets her down. She looks after her nan and grandad too. I like Carter because he cares about Jude and will always be there for her and help her, no matter what. I also loved the bits about his attempts to master rollerblading... just so funny! I love the ending of SUNDAE GIRL, even though it's sad, and that's the bit I chose to draw. I love drawing - it's a bit like reading, because you enter your own little world for a while when you do it!

Deborah says:
I painted some of my favourite Cathy Cassidy characters as part of an art project - we had to make realistic images, and I took my inspiration from the photo book covers. This one is of Mouse from LUCKY STAR - I love the way he's looking into the distance on the covers, and wanted to capture his expression and create a deeper meaning to it. He looks a bit like he's daydreaming! I made the background brown to recreate the darkness in his life story; it's painted using watercolours, which I love to use. Mouse is a really inspirational character; he makes you try to be the best you can be as he is not afraid to follow his passion and fights his enemies with graffiti (words). He's just really cute!

Laoise says:
Cherry and Shay are my favourite characters from any Cathy Cassidy book... they make a great couple! I decided to paint a scene set beside the gypsy caravan from the book CHERRY CRUSH as I love all the imagery of the gypsy caravan and loved imagining what it might look like. I'd love to live in a caravan like that! I love art and my favourite medium is painting, because it's messy and fun to work with... I love making sculptures from clay too. I used acrylic paints for this picture, and I was very happy with the way it turned out!

Kaylee says:
Kon-nichiwa! I'm thirteen years old and I come from the land of imagination... OK, in all seriousness... I'm from Australia. I discovered Cathy Cassidy when my mum gave me a copy of Angel Cake one day after school. I fell in love with it instantly and soon began reading the Chocolate Box Girls series. I love drawing in an anime/manga style and Japanese culture is also a huge inspiration, so Cherry is a character who really fascinates me. CHERRY CRUSH is definitely one of my favourite books and I think I am very like her! I love drawing... art is literally my life, and the anime/manga style comes naturally. I suppose art and books have both had a massive impact on me and drawing my favourite character brings the two strands together.

Do YOU like to draw? Have you ever tried to sketch your favourite CC character? We're looking for more pics for a future feature, so get in touch! Or do you have a favourite from the drawings above? MESSAGE BELOW to let me know!


  1. My faves are Kaylee's and Katie's. Manga always looks really cool!

  2. I like Kaylee's the best she has a real talent. there all very good.

  3. Thank you so much Cathy-senpai for featuring me! xx
    {I'm Kaylee everyone...with an internet name...}
    And thank you Deborah + Amy xx That means a lot to me!!

    1. That's ok you should be an artist



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