Tuesday 6 May 2014


The fifth book in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, SWEET HONEY, is out in UK & Ireland on June 5th... or a teeny bit earlier if you're lucky, as the bookshops often put new releases on the shelves as soon as they arrive. So... what should you expect?

Cathy says:
From the minute I began the Chocolate Box Girls series, I knew that Honey's book would be the one I really, really looked forward to writing. Honey is probably the most interesting of the Tanberry sisters - a charming, moody, rebellious drama queen with a spiteful, selfish streak. Is she trouble, pure and simple, or does the tough exterior hide a whole lot of hurt? Honey is definitely one of those characters you either love or hate... will this book change your opinion of her?

It turned out that Honey's book was a whole lot harder to write than I'd imagined. Not only was her story emotional and dramatic, it threw up some surprises even I hadn't imagined or predicted. The story is set in Australia, as Honey is shipped off to stay with her adored dad for the ultimate fresh start. She starts a new school, makes friends, meets not just one but two very cool boys... so far, so good. But when things begin to unravel, who will be there for Honey - who can she really trust?

Like all my stories, Sweet Honey began as a few sketches and jotted notes in my notebook. Next, I made a moodboard on the pinboard next to my writing desk to keep me in Honey's world, and then it was down to the hard work of daydreaming... and writing down the story direct onto my laptop. Once the first draft was done, my editor Amanda read through the story and I began the second draft... at this stage, the book was way too long, so cutting things down was the first task! Once the story was in better shape, my fabulous designer Sara began work on the cover - she hand-iced designs onto chocolates to fit the story and photographed them while the girls at Puffin HQ gathered round, watching, waiting for their chance to swipe the chocolates! The first version of the cover was a deep, burnt orange, but the final version is a deep pink that really sizzles. I love it! Then Sara got to work on the inside artwork, I finished the last edits and the whole thing was sent away to be printed.

So what can you expect from Sweet Honey once 5th June rolls around? Drama and trouble, of course - but expect the unexpected, too! You can pre-order Sweet Honey from any good indie bookshop or from your local Waterstones; or order from amazon.co.uk. Or you can come along to one of the public signings on my June book tour, buy the book and get it signed and personalised too - details will be going up on the EVENTS page on my website, www.cathycassidy.com as soon as the bookshops and dates are confirmed. See you there!

Will you be reading SWEET HONEY? What would YOU like to see in the story? COMMENT BELOW to share your thoughts, ideas and predictions for book five in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series!


  1. Honeys story will definently be the most controversial. Most people see honey as a selfish, spiteful person, but I see her as a sad, upset girl who has a pretty big temper. In some ways, honey just needs to come out of her shell and realise the amount of people who are trying to help honey. She's my favourite chocolate -box girl, thats for sure.

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  3. As soon as it comes out I am buying sweet honey. I'd like to see something similar to the other books but honeys version

  4. I think Sweet Honey's definitely gonna bring out the sensitive side of Honey! People who always act hostile or aggresive have reasons that nobody would ever think of. I'm definitely excited and there's no way I can forget when Sweet Honey comes out cause it completely covers up the event part of June 5th in my school planner and I wasn't even the one who wrote it down!!!

    1. That was me, last year. I was being bullied and my grandma was very ill. I just pretended I was tough to hide the hurt, inner me. However, now the bullying has mainly stopped.

    2. So sorry to hear you were/are being bullied, Amelie! :(

  5. cant wait 4 it. so excited. shame though i wouldnt be able 2 read it straight away cause of my exams. but oh well. her story is gonna be so interesting! if anyone of u guys wanna find a fan club of cathy cassidy. there is one on goodreads. u just have 2 make a account and join. there r loads of discussions going on and u can comment bout the books + stuff like that. there is only 1 fan group of cathy on goodreads. so hope u lot join + hope 2 see u there.

  6. Be patient. Be patient. One rule not easy. Be patient. Be... WAAAAAHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. In Australia (where I live) it doesn't come out till the 28 of june.....

  8. Sweet Honey is definitely an amazing book that gives us another side to Honey. In the other books, she is described as a mean and selfish girl, but here she is described as a sad and lonely person. This is definitely my favourite Cathy Cassidy book ever!!



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