Friday 2 May 2014


As you may know, I've been into vintage for a VERY long time... but what d'ya know, it's all cool and popular again! Readers share their vintage style-stories... maybe they'll inspire you, too!

Grace says:
I wear lots of different hats like trilbies, top hats and fezzes... and brightly coloured Doc Marten boots to complement it. The top hat came from a friend of my dad's... they had a box of them in different shapes and sizes. Dad got it for me as a birthday present because he knew I'd love it! My hat collection is constantly growing - I have eleven that I wear regularly, including a stetson! My obsession with vintage hats began when I found a floppy velvet hat that was once my mum's... I tried it on and loved it. Then my nan got me some brightly coloured trilby hats for Christmas and that was that... I was hooked! I have three pairs of Docs, a red pair, a black pair and some yellow flowery ones. I think they work really well with the hats... it's a style that feels right for me!

Clara says:
I like to have a slightly different style when it comes to clothes... so many people just wear the same clothes from the same shops, and that's not for me. I love vintage clothes because they're really quirky and pretty. My style has evolved naturally; I'd pick up odd dresses and skirts from vintage markets and my nan buys me vintage style clothes and she gave me a leather coat she used to have in the 1970s which I love! She also got me my vintage 70s Polo bag which I adore - it's four different shades of green in a tartan style. I also buy faux vintage - you can get some great pieces. I have a 40s style cardigan from Debenhams which I wear all the time. I really like 50s and 60s musicals and the way women dressed then - I've watched old musicals all my life so maybe that has made me love vintage even more!
Lauren says:
I have always loved Victorian things and stuff outside of the norm, so when I saw the style that gets labelled as 'Steam Punk' I knew right away it was just what I was looking for! It's a combination of Victorian corsets and bustles, military jackets, clocks and - for some reason - octopi! The strange thing is that most people actually love this look and I often get complimented on things like my jacket and my pocket watch, my two most beloved items... yet not too many people seem to try out the style for themselves! It's quite rare to come across really good Steam Punk stuff - I think you often have to go online to find it - but I suppose that's just a part of what makes it special!
Holly says:
My love of vintage started when I first heard the Otis Redding song 'Try A Little Tenderness' on the radio. I searched him up on the internet and began finding out about people like Etta James, Marilyn Monroe and my favourite of all, Audrey Hepburn. Vintage music and movies led me to an interest in vintage fashion, too! When I was younger my grandad used to sing me 'Moon River', the song Audrey sings in Breakfast At Tiffany's and sometimes at weekends I put on my favourite vintage clothes and do my make up like Audrey. I love baking, which somehow has a vintage vibe to it these days... and crafts of all sorts, really!
Aislinn says:
Vintage style and clothes are timeless. All kinds of people inspire me, from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly. Audrey made the smokey eye and backcombed beehive fashionable - she was so elegant! The sixties are my favourite decade as style became more cute and cheerful after a few tough decades for women. Most of my style is fifties or sixties inspired, occasionally with a modern twist... fashion is supposed to be fun! I love that vintage gives you a different look... yesterday in a shopping centre a random woman stopped me and told me how cool it was to see a young woman with such different taste and style - I loved that! I live in rural Ireland so getting to good vintage shops is a challenge - often I buy modern dresses with a vintage vibe. I'd be in heaven in a genuine vintage shop, though! I do like the look of a vintage item updated - like a bell skirt with a cool slogan t-shirt, maybe! Anyone can be inspired by vintage - find some cool vintage style icons and decide which kinds of style you like... it can be anything from vintage to baby doll, just find something that works for you!

Do YOU love all things vintage? Grace, Clara, Lauren, Holly and Aislinn show that it's a fascination and a style that everyone can find something from! COMMENT BELOW to tell us what YOU think!


  1. I like vintage when it's warn by somebody else because the style just doesn't look right on me

  2. I <3 vintage dresses! I think my dream wardrobe would have like 20 of them. It's kinda cool how Clara has the same taste as Skye if you know what I mean! ;o)

  3. I ♡ steam punk I try my best to add it to my style as I'm a punk but I love 50s dresses anything with skulls and cyberlox hair falls. Can't wait to wear my steam punk merida costume at the end of the month :)

    1. There is a good website for dresses you like it's called It's a bit expensive but worth it. Blondie

    2. I actually have a hell bunny polk a dot sweetheart dress. I found it in a charity shop for £8 you can imagine my delight

    3. Yeah, usually they're around £50 so you got lucky there. I like the some of the dresses on the website but i'm too short and have got too small feet for anything. Blondie

  4. I love vintage but nothing ever fits me. I'll have to wait till i'm older. :( Blondie

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  6. I love vintage!!! I got into it after I read Marshmallow Skye which is really strange because I am actually finding out the truth about something sad that happened in my family a long time ago too. Maybe, just maybe when I find out the truth I will meet my prince in the woods too!!! :)

  7. I love vintage! I love dresses in the styles of the '30s and '40s, and skirts which are more from the '50s. I also love music from artists such as Vera Lynn, Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller

  8. I love vintage fashion. I find them so elegant and pretty. However, I prefer to take little vintage inspired accessories rather than full vintage outfits and make my own style which has evolved with me over time. Normally I would wear my hair loose with a bow, or up in a bun, ponytail (or in pigtails) and then accessorise accordingly with little bows, ribbons, flowers or little clips. I'd then pair with my favourite coat (or knitted cardigan in summer), vintage blouse/flowery dress, slim-fit jeans, scarf and ballet flats. Though I've never bought anything from vintage shops, I just look for new clothes that look vintage-inspired, along with faux vintage jewellery to match. 1950s and 1960s is the best!

  9. When I wear vintage clothes I feel as confident as Skye. They're so beautiful and you can just imagine a graceful 1950's girl wearing a fashionable polka-dot swing dress to a party. I especially love the floaty, elegant, petti-coated dresses!



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