Tuesday 27 May 2014


You loved our last feature on readers and their ponies... so here are some more! Like Coco in COCO CARAMEL, these girls are pony-mad!

Molly says:
I got into riding because my mum has had horses all her life; she has brought me up to ride from an early age. When i am on a horse I feel completely free and I love putting my trust in a horse and creating a bond between the two of us. The downs of horse riding? I honestly can't think of any! I love it so much. I guess it must be frustrating when you fall off but you have to just get back on and try again. You learn from you mistakes! Putting your trust in the horse you are riding is a big part of it - without that trust you won't get very far at all! This is Rosie, my friends' horse - I don't have my own pony at the moment, but I ride Rosie a lot. We do a lot of hacking together. I love reading horsey books... I'm currently reading 'One Dollar Horse' by Lauren St John. It's great so far!

Angel says:
A horse can be an amazing companion! They are always there, always listen, and they teach you something new every day. When you ride, you feel like you're flying - it's amazing! It is a lot of work, of course, especially cleaning out and lifting the bedding. Horses take a lot of time an attention. Isla is a cob, and she has these amazing feathery feet - but they can be hard to clean when they get muddy! I'm thirteen and Isla is four. I'd been riding for seven years and my parents surprised me buy getting Isla for my twelfth birthday... she's the best present I ever had!

Pippa says:
I do horse riding and I love it! I started riding when I was just three years old so I guess you could say it's second nature to me now. I go to a local riding stable once a week and Darcy, my favourite pony, is a gorgeous chestnut Polish Arab gelding. I have recently started learning to jump and can clear three foot fences, which I felt really proud of! My dad used to be a show-jumper and he got as far as being rated 103rd in the world at one point! He had the chance to take part in the Olympics at one point, but his country, Cyprus, pulled out. I'd love to have a pony of my own one day.

Sam says:
My horse, Merlin, lives on a farm owned by some of my family, and I go to ride him as much as I can... I help around the farm and then ride after! I used to share him, but he's all mine now, and I am trying to train him up. He's a retired riding school pony. I am hoping to get him cantering by the end of the year - that's what we are working towards! He's a white horse and I think he's beautiful. Keeping a horse is expensive but you gain a best friend for life... the bond you make is unbreakable.

Merryn says:
This is Dexter and I love him SO much you wouldn't believe it! He'd not fully my horse - I 'loan' him, which means I go up to the stable to ride him every weekend and anytime I can in the holidays. He's a 15-16 hands high bay gelding. My mom's friend owns horses and I used to ride them when I was little... I think that's where my love of horses began. With Dexter, there have been ups and downs. Once I was grooming him in the stable yard when he freaked out about something and fell backwards, almost on top of me. But once I fell off him riding out on a trail, because again something spooked him, but he raced off and then came back to where I'd fallen, bringing my friend who had been riding on a different trail, so that she could help me. That was an amazing thing - it proved how strong the bond is between me and Dexter. I'll never forget that day!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own horse? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I've always loved horses - apparently, even when I was little, if we went to a farm park or petting zoo, I'd be too scared to stroke the cats, or hold the ducklings or rabbits, but as soon as someone said 'Who wants to help groom the pony?' I'd be right at the front! I now go riding weekly, but I don't have a horse. I especially love dressage, but I find just being with horses is great :)

  2. I always have a pony in my rich-girl daydreams. Although that pony sometimes turns into a unicorn or a pegasus. Girly but true! Wish I could ride one someday!

  3. I always wanted to have a horse, especially since I started riding. On my thirteenth birthday, my parents gave me the best present ever- twelve years old thoroughbred named Fly Over. We did show jumping for two years. Now he´s ill, but I hope he´s gonna be all right soon and we will be able to jump again. But it´s not just about competetions and jumping. He´s my best friend and I love our common walks, swimming in the river and many other things. The best thing about having a horse is, that I´m never alone... :)

  4. my dream is to become a champion horse rider ,to ride in the ring or own stables so i can share my love of horses with everyone, I don't have my own pony but i wish i did . BTW in Scotland North Berwick there is a wonderful stable called Seacliff stables i ride there a lot and the horses are so kind and calm .

  5. My horse is a 16.2 hand high part thoroughbred gelding called Sunshine he is a chestnut with a blaze and we have won 50 rossets and 12 trophies we won a one day event and at a show we won supreme pony champion at a show, he means the world to me and I would fight off lions to keep him safe!



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