Thursday 22 May 2014


Have you ever dreamed of being a journalist but wondered how to make it happen? We talked to reader Lauren, aged 16, who is well on the way to making her come true...

Lauren says:
From a young age, I've always loved the English language - everything from reading a whole book in one day to writing story after story myself. As I got older, the interest deepened and my style of writing changed, but I still loved words.

The first time I ever wrote an article was for a competition with ChildLine - I was chosen as one of eight finalists and travelled to London where I met with other aspiring young writers and found out more about journalism. I soon realised that was what I wanted to do, and before long i was writing my next article. When i was published for the first time, it felt strange and amazing to see something I'd written in a national newspaper, knowing that millions of children could be reading it; that made me feel really proud of my achievement.

A year on, I am still writing for ChildLine's First News newspaper, as well as many others... B**P, Kettle and CultNoise. I love writing for different publications because they all require different skills, allowing me to learn different writing techniques and improve my ability as a writer. When Cathy Cassidy visited my school recently, I took the opportunity to get an interview with her. We spoke about where she got ideas for her books, and how she got involved in journalism, because Cathy had a magazine journalism background before she began writing books. As well as being displayed on my school website, the article was also published in B**P which was exciting!

I hope to go on being published in the future and also get into Oxbridge to study English, with a post graduate degree in journalism. Hopefully, at the end of it all, I may be able to write for some of the most popular newspapers and publications in the country!

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  1. As I was a child, all I ever wanted to do was writing. I wrote stories, fairytales, articles, comics, I went to writer´s competetions. Then I had an opportunity to write in a local newspaper. It had to be something about how children see our town and some situations in it. I was ten and my dream just came true. But then something went wrong, and the manager of the newspapers stopped responding. I didn´t see a single message from him anymore. And it was the end of my writing. I still feel perfect writing a story or an article, but I´ve never found courage to do something really big and really important again. :)

  2. Wow! I love writing too. I hope to be a novel writer when I'm older doing books for teenage girls. Cathy Cassidy inspires me and so does Lauren.



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