Thursday 29 May 2014


Starting a series of posts on readers with very cool mums... we meet LILY, whose mum, ROWAN COLEMAN, is a novelist... 

Lily says:
I'm twelve, and my mum is a writer. It's cool to have a mum with such an interesting job, although she is always on Twitter and calling it work! The upside of it is that I get to do cool things, like this interview, and I get a lot of free books to read... I've read some of mum's books, too, although most of them are for adults really. The downside is that Mum works very hard and we don't get to see her enough! 

I love English and love reading, and I sometimes write Hunger Games fan fiction with my friends, but I don't want to be a writer - I think I'd quite like to be a car designer! Mum reckons that what I've learnt from her is to be lovely... modest, huh? Seriously, I think I have learnt some good stuff about writing and also how to adapt to new and different situations in life. She also helped me with a recent essay i wrote on freedom, about the right for all girls to get an education. So... Mum, you are a good and lovely mum, please keep on writing your amazing stories. Oh yes, and while we're at it - GET OFF TWITTER!!!

Rowan says:
I've been writing books since 2002 and have written books for both teens and adults. I have five children, but Lily - the eldest - is my only daughter! We love going shopping together and are about to start running together so we can be more healthy! Lily takes my writing in her stride - I've been doing it since she was born, so it's just normal for her. She is a very bright, creative girl and when she puts her mind to it she can do anything. My main hopes for her are that she is happy, content and gets both joy and satisfaction out of life. I want her to know the thrill of making your dreams come true through hard work and dedication!

The other day Lily and I dug and weeded our allotment together, which may not sound too thrilling, but we had a great laugh. Afterwards I told her I was very proud of her because she was becoming such a very nice, kind and caring human being. I don't think I've told her that enough before, so I will say it again now... she really is a stand-out person.

Cathy says:
Awww! Such a lovely mum-daughter interview! Why not tell your own mum to check out Rowan Coleman's books, which include The Memory Book,  The Accidental Mother and Dearest Rose, which won the Festival of Romance Best Romantic Read 2012... and COMMENT BELOW if you have something to say to Lily or Rowan, or want to give a shout-out to your own mum!


  1. They sound like they have a great mother-daughter relationship, that's so lovely! Yeah, I might as well give a shout-out to my mum. She may not be famous or winning awards but she's still brilliant. She's managed to fight her way through many hard times and is one of the strongest people I know. She also passed her love of reading and English on to me which is something I'll always be grateful for. She's great fun to be around - just the other day we went to Costa for coffee (although I had hot chocolate) and ended up in hysterics as usual because we get on so well and share the same sense of humour. And one last point: she makes the best veggie lasagne I've ever eaten! She may sometimes get annoyed at all our eating habits (I'm a vegetarian, my sister refuses to touch vegetables and my brother has a suspected intolerance to something - gluten and/or lactose - as well as being fussy about textures, consistencies and tastes) but she always manages to make meals we enjoy. Mum, if you're reading this...sure would be great to have some of your veggie lasagne soon. I'll buy the ingredients!
    Blue. :-)

    1. Awww, fab stuff MsBlue! Your mum sounds great! xxx

  2. Rowan reminds me a lot of my mum. She's an author too and has a fraction in my inspiration pie chart! My mum wrote a book called 'Marriage and In-Laws' and it's like a book teaching you how to bond around your new in-laws when you get married using Bible quotes and cultural teachings. The book was really helpful for my RE teacher who has a partner but isn't engaged yet. She wants to learn a little bit about his culture since he's a Nigerian and she's a Caribbean. I mention my RE teacher a lot in the comments!!!

    1. Deborah, maybe we need a feature on inspirational teachers? That would be cool!

    2. Yeah! That would be awesome! I could think of so many special teachers for it!!!

  3. I love it how they have such a strong relationship together. They just look so happy and it's awesome that Rowan is an author. PS: I know right! My mum is on Facebook and saying she is ordering shopping! ��



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