Thursday 10 July 2014


Reader Lucy from Czech Republic recently visited the UK with her boyfriend Tom as part of a school trip… she tells us all about it!

Lucy says:
First of all, we stopped off in Paris… I had visited before so it wasn't a surprise, but I love the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur and the Champs Elysees… I am really into Paris! We slept overnight in Calais and took a ferry to Dover next morning. I had never been on a ship before, so this was a new experience for me! We spent the first few hours in England at Beachy Head, beautiful white cliffs on the edge of the ocean… but it was very windy, so then we moved on to Brighton and later Plymouth. I noticed at once that the people of Britain seem to be very proud of their houses and make them pretty in a way that is not so common in Czech Republic.

We arrived in Plymouth in the evening and met our host families… mine was so nice! We visited so many places in the next few days… Plymouth, Tintagel (the castle of King Arthur), Dartmoor, Minnack Theatre, Lands End, St Michael's Mount and many more places. I felt that the British shopkeepers were very friendly and patient with anyone browsing around - they didn't seem to get cross if you didn't buy things, which shopkeepers back home might have done! Even the red telephone boxes were different, and very cool. I spent my birthday in Plymouth and had the best time ever - I had always wanted to be by the sea on my birthday! My host family even sang me 'Happy Birthday' - we do not usually do this in Czech Republic, and it was great!

After three days we said goodbye to our host families and went to London, visiting Exeter and Glastonbury on the way. We met our new host family who were also lovely… I was surprised to see the family wearing shoes inside the house, as we never do this in Czech Republic! In London, we visited Covent Garden, Soho, Chelsea football stadium, Big Ben and the London Eye… what a day! After all that, we got on the bus ready to head for home, but I have to say that the UK really impressed me. I would love to come back again one day!

Cathy says:
Wow… how cool to see the UK through different eyes! I loved Lucy's account of her school trip… if you did too, COMMENT BELOW and share your views and experiences too!


  1. I'm curious about the houses - do you mean the colourful ones by the coast or just standard ones? What do house look like in the Czech Republic? How angry do the shopkeepers get? I'm really curious - sorry!

    1. The shopkeepers get angry so easily! Usually you just have to stay in the shop for a few minutes, ask some questions and don´t buy anything. That´s what makes them angry... It was such a great moment finding out that the shopkeepers in England aren´t the same!

      Houses in the Czech republic are often pretty. But a lot of houses are not tided, there is a lot of mess all around, etc. And magine plenty of different houses standing nearby. It´s not so pretty yet. So I was quite surprised about houses in England!



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