Sunday 13 July 2014


When the lovely Manchester Children's Book Festival asked Cathy if she'd like to host a fab vintage afternoon tea with her lovely readers, she said yes… books, cake and vintage dresses… what's not to like? Find out how it went!

Luisa says:
I came to the Vintage Tea Party with my best friend Grace and the whole afternoon was Cathy and Cake-a-licious! Cathy was amazing and really inspiring and generous with her time, and I loved finding out about the DREAMCATCHER blog. The lasting message I will remember is when Cathy told us not to give up on our dreams, even if they don't happen right away…

Grace says:
It was a fabulous experience to meet such an amazing author - and in a very elegant and stylish place! Cathy Cassidy was very friendly and kindly generous with her time. Loved it!

Niamh says:
I loved meeting cathy at the Afternoon Tea - she sat next to me at one point! I loved meeting Cathy - she was really kind and funny, with a mild addiction to cakes… but hey, I have that addiction too! There were all kinds of cakes, they were so pretty, but the carrot cake was probably my favourite… it was VERY nice! The whole afternoon was a great experience and one I will never forget!

Isabella says:
I had a great time at the Vintage Afternoon Tea… it was a fantastic literary experience. Cathy talked to us about daydreaming, and told us she had some foolproof daydreaming tips… I am going to email to find out what they are, because I am in desperate need of them! We got to ask some questions and she said whoever was brave enough to put their hand up first got a small chocolate bunny! She then came round to each table to chat and sign books and get photos taken with her fans. The whole thing was extraordinary!  I had such a great day!

Daisy says:
It was amazing to meet Cathy at the Afternoon Tea… I asked her to sign my phone and she did, and said it was the first time she'd ever done that! I really enjoyed myself… so much fun!

Leah says:
I loved the Afternoon Tea and it was great to meet Cathy. I gave her a pencil with a loom band wrap around it and she really liked it!

Catherine says:
I was at the Vintage Tea Party in Manchester. Cathy gave a talk and then moved around from table to table meeting everyone personally and signing their books and answering questions. I was on the last table she came to, but I didn't mind as she spent the longest time with us! I told her my name was Catherine 'with a C and an E'… and she said her name was spelt just the same! She said she liked that I had taken the dust covers off the books, too…
Cathy says:
I loved the format of this event… talk, questions, and then a proper chat with readers and their families as I signed everyone's books! The Waterstones book stall sold out of books and had to nip back to the shop for more… which was pretty amazing! I was given some lovely gifts, from the loom-band decorated pencil to a gorgeous tin of cookies and several cards and letters… thank you all! My favourite story was of the family from Limerick in Ireland who flew to Manchester for the day as a special treat for one lucky girl… that was the coolest thing ever! And of course, readers all around the room were making friends with each other as they chatted and nibbled on those awesome cakes!

Have YOU ever been to a Cathy Cassidy event? What was it like? POST BELOW to comment on the Afternoon Tea Party or to share your own experience!


  1. I really do envy those girls! I have never been to one and it has always been my dream to meet Cathy! I love her books!

    1. Same with me, I live in Australia and Cathy doesn't really come over here very often!

  2. Well I recently went to the Queen of Teen award ceremony where I was Cathy's superfan. It was super-duper, ultra-fantasticly amazing! I got to have lunch with Cathy and I got to make a speech about why I <3 her so much and put the tiara on her head (sorta!) and she signed every single CC book I had and we took tons of pictures for newspapers and websites and I got a gift bag with books and bookmarks and a huge board with all the shortlisted authors on and Cathy signed next to her name and I took pictures on the throne with Cathy's tiara and she let me keep it! Sooo many crazy things that I could never imagine happened that day! It was sooo amazing! Thanks again Cathy!

  3. Cathy, you should totally make an app! It would be the best app ever!!!

    1. That is such a great idea! I would use that app everyday! :oD

    2. Yeah, same!! It would be amazing!

  4. Yeah love that idea to!!!!!! That vintage tea sounded so good.... I wish she would do something like that in Ireland where I'm from!!!



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