Sunday 27 July 2014


How much do YOU know about Cathy Cassidy books? Test your knowledge of the books and characters with our fun quiz! See how many you know without looking up the answers… then check the books to find the ones you didn't know!

1/ What is the name of the bully in ANGEL CAKE?
2/ In which two CC books does Mouse appear - and what age is he in each one?
3/ Which beach do the characters visit with a picnic in the book DIZZY?
4/ What is the name of Indie's class teacher in INDIGO BLUE?
5/ What are the names of the three kittens Hannah and Joey find in DRIFTWOOD?
6/ In SCARLETT, what is the name of Kian's black horse?
7/ What instrument does Sam Taylor play in the book GINGERSNAPS?
8/ What is the name of the boy Jess and Kady fall out over in LOVE, PEACE & CHOCOLATE?
9/ Which non-fictional CC book was inspired by Cathy's twelve year stint as agony aunt for SHOUT magazine?
10/ How old is Cat in the book LUCKY STAR?
11/ Where in Britain is the fictional village of Kitnor in the series THE CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS?
12/ What school dinner meal does mean girl Kirsty McRae end up wearing at the end of chapter one in CHERRY CRUSH?
13/ What is the name of the 'ghost girl' who features in Skye's dreams in MARSHMALLOW SKYE?
14/ What is the name of Summer's boyfriend at the start of SUMMER'S DREAM?
15/ What is the name of Lawrie's little sister in COCO CARAMEL?
16/ What is name of the fictional social networking site in the book SWEET HONEY?
17/ Which sister stirs up trouble for Shay Fletcher in the book BITTERSWEET?
18/ What is the occasion for the trip to London in the e-book CHOCOLATES & FLOWERS?
19/ What is the name of the village cafe where Summer and Jodie meet at Christmas in the e-book HOPES & DREAMS?
20/ MOON & STARS, a CHOCOLATE BOX-lined e-book out in September 2014, will be told from the viewpoint of a boy character whose mum works for a film company. Who?
21/ What kind of team is Carter training for in the book SUNDAE GIRL?
22/ What is Daizy's secret phobia in SHINE ON DAIZY STAR?
23/ What is the name of Daizy's band in DAIZY STAR & THE PINK GUITAR?
24/ What kind of animal ruins Daizy's debut as a pre-teen supermodel in STRIKE A POSE, DAIZY STAR?
25/ Which city does Daizy's class visit in the book DAIZY STAR OOH LA LA?

Cathy says:
OK… count up your scores… and check below to see how knowledgeable you are!
1-5: Perhaps you're just starting out with the books, or maybe you're a little bit forgetful… get along to your library and check out what you're missing!
6-10: You're definitely a fan… but there are a few gaps in your knowledge. Time to put that right!
11-15: Pretty good… you're an expert on the books you HAVE read, but there are plenty more to discover… make a list of which books you haven't read and see if you can up that score next time!
16-20: I'm very impressed… you've read a lot of the books and remember the plots and characters as if they're real. Keep on being awesome!
21-25: Wow… you are a real CC SUPERFAN! You probably know as much as I do… or possibly more! 

COMMENT BELOW to tell me how you did… or to ask any tricky questions that had you stumped!


  1. 25 out of 25! Felling very proud of myself at the moment! x

  2. 17 out of 25. So gutted that I couldn't remember some things! Give me a week and a half. I'll do it again and that time I'll get 100% believe me!

  3. Caitlin windle27 July 2014 at 10:28

    Yay 25 out of 25

  4. I got 16 - 20. I'm really proud. I hadn't read some books and I didn't remember one answer. That's all.

  5. 17, not bad. I'm feeling a bit sleepy!!! Emma :)

  6. I got 11. I'll get more next time I try, I know! lucy :l

  7. I got 13... I reckon it's time for a trip to the library, haven't read Dizzy in ages :P

  8. 15 haven't read some books in ages can't wait for moon and stars been waiting for Finch's since Shay's story BitterSweet

  9. 20! Don't have much Daisy Starr knowledge and I haven't read all of the ebooks but pretty proud!



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