Tuesday 22 July 2014


We asked you for your favourite things about summer… this is what you said!

Daisy says:
Summer means not having any cares or worries and having fun with friends!

Lauren says:
MORE ICE CREAM!!! Also Christmas (don't panic, I live in South Africa!), pool parties, orchestra tours and a trip to Marine World if possible. And an excuse to wear sunglasses all the time!

Chloe says:
Running through fields, fun with friends, the seaside, ice creams, fairs and bonfires!

Vicky says:
Summer means meeting new friends! I met a bunch of Americans last year, and this year I hope to meet my pen-pal! Also eating ice cream and picnics in the park…

Latifa says:
Summer means endless fun and awesome fashion, Lucozade and 7Up and making the most of life!

Chloe Dawn says:
This year it will mean the end of exams (FINALLY!) and worrying about whether I've got into Sixth Form or not. Most years it means camping, barbeques, reading in the sun and not having to worry about school and homework for a while!

Chantel says:
No school! Summer means relaxing, theme parks, being wih my family, having lots of free time, going to the beach… and wishing it would never end!

Pippa says:
Summer is the BEST! I love going to the beach, having time off school to spend with my friends and going on holiday… we are going back to Cyprus for the first time in five years this summer! Summer has the best weather, and wearing hats and sunglasses and flipflops is cool!

Princess says:
Family vacations, chilling with friends, no schoolwork worries, playing out till the streetlights come on, beach trips, family BBQs, festivals and carnivals. It's the busiest and the best time of the year - fun, ice cream and a whole load of sunshine!

Cathy says:
Do you agree? COMMENT BELOW to have your say and share what summer means to YOU!


  1. I agree with all! Can't wait for Summer...Going to Italy (yaaaaay!!), meeting up with friends, ice cream, lie-ins, reading even more (if that's possible!), and just relaxing. Hope you all have a good Summer and enjoy yourselves! xx

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  3. I agree! That is how summer SHOULD be. I get a lot of those things but I also have the annual church conference, service every Sunday, babysitting jobs (sometimes I'm paid) and Bible study every Wednesday. Even though these things are often fun, it can sometimes be a bit stressful because of planning and so many little children! :o)

  4. I went to Center Parcs in the lake district loads of fun!!!!! Best hols ever!!!!!!!!:)

  5. i went to Lanzarote for 1 week and it was sooo cool! it was hot, but not as hot as Portugal where i went last year because of the very strong breeze. we were about 40 miles from the sahara (which means it is closer to the sahara then i am to Cork!) and they were gonna have a sand storm not long after we left. we went to the Timanfaya National Park and it was really windy! there was a resterant where the food was cooked over a deep hole that was piping hot due to the volcanos. and we had a brocher all about cesar manrique (1919-1992) who protected the island from tourists building huge buildings there that didnt look right. it was a great holiday and hope to go there again. i still have loads of freedom left, until the 1st september (i'm totally dreading it) but i wont be seeing some of my friends until school. lucy :)



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