Saturday 5 July 2014


Another in our series of cool mums and daughters... meet Lucy and her mum, Anna Wilson, who writes books for children and teens!

Anna (mum) says:
I've been a published writer for fifteen years, and a mum for fifteen years too. I was an editor before that, and I'd have stuck at my office job if I hadn't had children, so... thank you, Lucy! Lucy has certainly been an inspiration for me. When I wrote the Nina Fairy Ballerina series, I'd go along to her ballet lessons and make notes. These days, I sometimes pick up on something Lucy says that I'd like for a book; apparently I get a particular look in my eye and she wails 'Oh no, you're not going to put that in a book, are you?'

Lucy (daughter) says:
I used to find it really embarrassing when mum came into school to give talks and stuff, but it's always been quite cool to say 'My mum's an author.' It's just normal to me, I don't know anything else. With Mum's younger books we'd go through the pictures together and I'd always notice if the fairies didn't have wings. Recently I helped with Mum's new teen book, Summer's Shadow... I told her what I thought would make it better, ie: the girl and boy should get together. Mum's editor said the same, so she changed it!

Anna says:
Combining a writing career with being a mum has been the most amazing blessing. Before I was published I found it very stressful trying to combine a career as a children's book editor with being a good mum. Writing worked well, and the children and their friends gave me so many ideas just by being themselves! Lucy is a stronger character than I was at her age and has more self-belief. I know that whatever she chooses to do in life, she will do it to the highest standard - and have fun doing it, too!

Lucy says:
I think it's amazing that Mum always knew she wanted to be an author, and went ahead and did it anyway even though the teachers said she couldn't be. Mum and I get on better now that I'm at boarding school - if we saw each other all the time, we'd fight more. That's a normal part of being in a family, though! My favourite book of Mum's is Summer's Shadow, as I feel I've been more involved - and it's for my age group.

Summer's Shadow by Anna Wilson was published by Macmillan Children's Books on July 3rd

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  2. My mum's an author too! Well she only has one book published so far but she is planning on writing more based off of ideas she saw on TV and her own experiences. Her first book is definitely for adults as it's called 'Marriage and In-Laws' (Name tells all!) And she's actually been a big help to my RE teacher as she was very interested in the concept and traditional background of the book (Her partner is the same kind of Nigerian as my family.)

  3. I really enjoyed this article today. I've read some of Anna Wilson's books when I was a bit younger... I loved the one with Summer and the puppy- I can't remember the title for the life of me now! Summer's Shadow caught my eye today. It seems very mysterious, and I love the cover design! It will definitely be something I'm going to see about buying!
    And to both of you, especially Lucy; I love your hair! It looks gorgeous! :D

  4. I've read some of her books! they're really good!

  5. Did she write the dotty Dalmatian, the poodle problem and the smug pug? I think she did but in not sure. If so i loved them. They are cool

  6. Wow, that would be awesome to have a Mum who's a writer!



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