Tuesday 8 July 2014


Reader Ellie studies drama… and some of the skills she has learnt have helped to boost her confidence! Read on to find out how…

Ellie says:
My Drama and Theatre Studies course is by far my favourite from the four A levels I am taking. I have grown a lot on the course and and I feel a little less shy than I did at the start, which is a big thing for me! The course is brilliant for helping you to come out of your shell… if I can do it, you can do it! One of the best things about it is that the class are genuinely close - we get on really well, and that means we trust each other. Drama helps with shyness because you have to communicate with classmates in your practical work and learn to step outside your comfort zone… it's not easy to start with, but once you try you quickly learn that you WILL survive! And each time, it gets a little easier.
The part I loved most was our recent performance of The Ancient Mariner - it was our first performance and we had to work closely as a team. Performing in a play with your mates is good fun and definitely helps your teamwork skills!
You do have to be dedicated to turn up to rehearsals and get written work in on time, but there are no exams in the first year… phew! I'd recommend this A level to anyone interested in theatre and drama, and also to anyone looking for a career where good team-work and communication skills are required.
Most colleges don't ask for lots of experience for the course, too, so it's not a massive disadvantage if you are new to drama. For me, the biggest change has been to my self-esteem… I am quite a shy, quiet person, but rehearsing and performing in a group is a great confidence builder. And of course, when you get positive feedback about your practical work, that is a great boost for the self-esteem and chips away at the shyness.
I recently volunteered as a Chocolate Fairy at one of Cathy Cassidy's bookshop signings… that's something I may not have had the courage to do before! I took along a friend, Iqra, from my drama course and we had a great day. Once you learn that shyness doesn't have to stop you, you can do just about anything!

Cathy says:
I know that lots of actors say they are quite shy people… but once onstage, they are able to somehow 'become' the character they are playing and step outside their own shyness. Have you found that acting can be a confidence boost? COMMENT BELOW to share your own tips on beating the blushes!


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  2. You really just have to push yourself. The only reason you're scared to be confident/perform is because you think people will laugh or you'lll do a bad job of it. You have to tell yourself that you'll succeed and your confidence will follow suit. I used to be terrifies of performing solos in school but I told myself to just relax and trust in my own voice and now I willingly put myself up for solos. It's an amazing change!

  3. I'm a shy person too. At the start of this year I started singing lessons, which I've found really useful for boosting my confidence! I've noticed in my singing lessons that I've increased in volume...slightly. But the singing lessons have definitely been worth it.

  4. i have gone to a stage school since i was almost six and i love it! it's called the in-step stage school. before this, i was a very shy person but when i started school it got a bit better but i changed amazingly when i started stage school! it is mostly dance, because that is what everyone takes part in. we have a show every year, and we do auditions to see if we will get a part! we do musicals, singing, acting, and jazz, hiphop and tap dancing. we have jazz shoes for jazz and hiphop and tap shoes for tap. we have logo tshirts and hoodies and at the front of the hoodies it says our name. we have special sweatproof black leggings. there are tap shoes with small heels and ones with high heels. i got my first part when i was 8 and have got one ever since. we did exams last year and we all did amazing, with either over 85% or over 90%! my best friend goes to it and my other best friend used to go. i love it, and wont stop going until i have to when i go to college. luv lucy. :)



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