Friday 11 July 2014


In another of our occasional family features, mum and daughter team Cathie and Megan-Rose talk about what makes their relationship unique…

Cathie (mum) says:
I left a seventeen year gap between having my two daughters. The plan was that my first-born, Cassandra, would look after her little sister Megan-Rose as time passed. Having Megan-Rose when I was forty makes me older than some of her friend's grandmothers now that she is seventeen! Cassanadra takes her out clubbing and to gigs and festivals, which was not really what I had in mind, so I sometimes have to tag along to make sure they don't get up to mischief! So… no, not the usual mother/daughter relationship of baking cookies and braiding each others hair!
I am a writer and work from home a lot, and my paid job is with the Scottish Government, TOP SECRET stuff. I try to give Megan-Rose opportunities to travel and have new experiences; for example, she has a fabulous riding holiday in Cornwall living at an equestrian centre for a week and made new friends from all over the world. Megan-Rose has my sense of humour and positivity. She appreciates that I have boundaries and she sticks to them. I have no doubt that Megan-Rose will have a happy and successful life!

Megan-Rose (daughter) says:
My friends all love my mum. We argue about my room being a mess, but I'm a teenager, that's my job! I can tell Mum anything and she never gets angry but tells me honestly what she thinks and gives great advice. We have 'morsel' nights on Fridays when we just basically munch our way through snacks and treats instead of a proper dinner. Mum never pushes me but she does support me and through her I've experienced many things; theatre, dance, riding and having dinner up in the sky in Edinburgh with the cast of Fawlty Towers (honestly!). I have been to Gay pride in Manchester and the mosque in Glasgow.
Mum took me on a surprise trip to New York and we rode over Brooklyn Bridge with our heads sticking out of the window of a limo. We're not rich, but mum works hard and goes without things herself so I can enjoy growing up. I plan to go to uni and become a lawyer, and one day I will build Mum a cottage in the country, near a beach, with no signals for TV, phone or wi-fi, because that's her dream.

Cathy says:
I love the bond between this mum-and-daughter team… it's unshakeable! COMMENT BELOW to tell me what you think about Cathie and Megan-Rose's relationship, or to tell us about YOUR amazing mum!


  1. Your mum is like your best friend in the entire world!

  2. I would like to say that my mum is very amazing because she is always there for me and looks after me and my much older brothers.

  3. Megan-Rose's mum sounds super fun! I'd love to have a dinner of snacks every once in a while! ;o)



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