Sunday 6 July 2014


More fab character sketches by talented CC readers… how cool are these?

Louisa says:
I wanted to draw Skye because I can really relate to having a dream world that is unequivocally better than reality - it's me, everyday! I find the book MARSHMALLOW SKYE a great way to relax and seep into a world where I know what will happen. I also understand the feeling of being pushed into the background by a sibling who is better than me at everything, whether it's art, music, whatever… it's not easy! For my painting of Skye I used watercolour paints that I got for my birthday and three different brushes… one large, one very small, and one flat. I find that art is a way to spill out the creations that you conjure up in your imagination… I do it all the time! I think of a book or a topic and imagine the layout, the colours, the texture of what I want to paint… then I just transfer it as best I can to the paper! I loved making this picture of Skye and her world.

Hilary says:
I wanted to draw the sisters partly because of SWEET HONEY and partly because the Chocolate Box Girls are my fave CC books. My favourite sister would have to be Skye as we share a passion for history and are both quite quirky, but I also really relate to Summer as we have similar personalities. I love drawing and I often use watercolours and pencils to create my illustrations. I'd love to go to art college one day!

Vanessa says:
I've drawn Honey because she fascinates me; I thought her face would have the most interesting expressions to draw as she has the most intense emotions. I'm quite different to Honey myself, so I loved the challenge of trying to capture her on paper. I love drawing because you are free to create whatever you want - there are no limits!

Lauren says:
I've drawn Skye… well, an anime version of Skye! I chose to draw Skye because I admire her love of styles-gone-by… I'm a huge fan of vintage! I also feel there is a very special sweetness about her personality which I wanted to show in the picture. I love drawing characters, whether they're from novels, Japanese animes or characters from my own stories… it makes you pay closer attention to the details about them. Just sketching them out on paper can reveal an entirely different slant on a character! Drawing is not going to be my focus for a future career, but it's another way to be creative and that why I love it!

Matilda says:
I've chosen to draw Honey, sitting on the window seat of her turret bedroom at Tanglewood. I chose Honey because I guess I can feel her isolation; my dad left too, and like Honey I'm struggling to adjust. The 'connection' made it easier for me to visualise her than other characters, so maybe that's why. To me, drawing is freedom. It's an expression of my feelings, with nobody telling me right or wrong. .. drawing says things you can't put into words. After all, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' I love art - it's the one thing I do that nobody criticises me on.

Love these pictures… and the words about what drawing means to these readers! What do YOU think of their gorgeous gallery? COMMENT BELOW to tell me, or email via to send in your own CC inspired artwork!


  1. Excellent post. How are all these people so talented, I find it very unfair?! Wish I could draw like them. I especially like Vanessa and Aleesha's pictures. So detailed. There's just a couple of mistakes (sorry!) in Aleesha's section. First, it says she can "seep into a world" where she knows what will happen. Whilst not technically incorrect, the word "seep" would lead one to believe that she is a liquid or some sort of gelatinous substance which she can't be as how could a liquid/gelatinous substance hold a paintbrush? Maybe 'step' would be better. And I'm pretty sure 'conjure' is the correct spelling of "conjour". I don't know. I don't see it written down a lot but 'conjure' seems right to me. Also (I am so sorry!), in Lauren's section, the second time Skye's name is mentioned, it's all in capitals. That usually is only the case with book titles. It may not be a mistake but I thought I'd point it out in case. Sorry.
    Blue. :-)

    1. No offense but its ART not grammar. I hope the girls don't feel offend. GOOD WORK GUYS!

    2. Anon, Blue acts as unofficial proofreader on DREAMCATCHER for me as I often type up the features late at night and so make occasional typos… I am grateful to have the mistakes pointed out, (they're my mistakes after all, not anything to do with the reader reporters!) as I can then edit and fix. I didn't change the word 'seep' though as I think it's quite cool and creative! ;o) xxx

    3. Oh well i didn't realise. Soz. ��

    4. No, it's fine, Anon… I appreciate all feedback but just wanted to explain why Blue posts spelling/ grammar corrections! And also I want us all to stay friendly and supportive on DREAMCATCHER, and I know that's kind of what you were saying too. It's all good! xxx

    5. Sorry blue. I didn't know. I think its very good that you know your grammar. Actually i didn't really know that what seep meant. So i learned 2 things. Cathy is right. Lets all stay friends on dream catcher.

  2. Wow! These sketches are amazing! You girls should be proud of yourselves! Like Blue, I especially loved Aleesha and Vanessa's drawings. They are both so detailed and it looks like it took you a while to draw (or paint, in Aleesha's case!). And the eyes in all the drawings...! Can someone give me an online tutorial on how to draw eyes?!
    It also seems like Honey and Skye are the two most popular Chocolate Box Girls today! No Cherry, Summer, or Skye, apart from Hilary's group drawing... And even her fave Chocolate Box Girl is Skye!
    Fab job, girls! Keep on sketching (or painting!)! :D

  3. wow guys these are amazing inspiration, i love them all, makes ,me wanna draw the chocolate box girls myself, infact i will Cathy and i will share them with you ^ ^

  4. What talent !! It is very beautiful, congratulations girls !

  5. You are all very talented. They are really detailed. I especially loved Louisa, Hilary and Laurens drawings because they are detailed have there own style. I really like Laurens drawing because its amazing how you can draw but each and everyone of you are really talented. Well done❗��

  6. These are amazing! I love drawing too - I do it loads

  7. gosh! these are the best drawings i have ever seen! when i was 7 i drew a portrait of myself in front of a mirror and i was very pleased with the results. i really am not trying to boast,but it was awfully life like! so go on, even if u arent a good artist, u will make a masterpiece if what u are drawing is right in front of u! and that is the most truthful tip i cud ever give to anyone! lucy :)



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