Wednesday 9 July 2014


More in our series of readers' problems, solved by our very own Chocolate Box Girls… and you, of course! This time, SUMMER tries to solve things…

Marla says:
I am in Year Seven at a private all-girls school where the standards are very high. We are taught that only our best is good enough, and that we can achieve anything we want to do as long as we work super-hard for it. My problem is that I am starting to fall behind in some subjects; maths, physics and chemistry are almost torture for me. My teachers in those subjects know there is a problem, and some have asked me to stay behind to discuss it, but I can't - if they realised how much I'm struggling I could be thrown out of school. I am trying as hard as I can, but it's not enough. We didn't have exams this year, but next year we will, and my secret will be out. If I fail - or, worse, if I'm thrown out - I won't know how to face my parents. They would be so, so disappointed in me.

Summer says:
I think we have a lot in common - you sound like a girl with very high standards, someone who pushes herself hard. That can be a problem - you might be pushing yourself TOO hard. OK, you are not excelling in every subject, but that doesn't mean you're failing or in danger of being thrown out of school… I suspect you're being way too hard on yourself. Your teachers want to talk to you so that they can help you, by offering extra tuition or just explaining things more clearly for you. Accept their help… they're on YOUR side.
I actually know what I'm saying here… I lost the plot and allowed the pressure to get to me last year, not with school work but with dance, which actually means more to me than almost anything. I ended up in LOTS of trouble, and I am still struggling hard to get back on an even keel. If I could go back, I would do things differently. I'd ask for help from my teachers, and I'd tell people how scared and pressured I was feeling. If I'd done those things I think things could have turned out very differently. It's not too late for you - talk to your teachers and get some practical help with your work as well as some emotional support to handle the pressure. Give yourself a break… you're doing great, I promise.

Cathy says:
Do you agree with Summer? What advice would YOU give to Marla? COMMENT BELOW to share your suggestions!


  1. Summers advice is brilliant if you have a similar problem to Marla take summers advice

  2. Yes I agree with summer. Don't push yourself too hard and talk to an adult if you are in a situation like this.��

  3. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dont feel bad, its not your fault and remember you cant be good at everything. I know how you feel though cos even though ive left primary now on my last few months of it my class was really small and all our work and results were made public in the class. Maybe these subjects arent for you, maybe your destined to be something that encourages other subjects

  5. I think Summer;s advice is great, just make sure u take a well earned break! Hamdi:)xxx

  6. I used to really worry about maths in year 7. I've spent all of year eight working really hard, but trying not to stress...I just did the best I could. There's not really much else I can do. Now I've gone up two sets and am in set 3 !

  7. Do your best. Read and study all you can, but have short breaks and breathe, breathe and stop holding your breath when you can't be underwater as long as others. Get up to the surface and loosen the scarf a bit and then read and ask for help of your parents or someone you know who won't make a fuss you're under pressure. ANONYMOUS:-)



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