Wednesday 16 July 2014


Another in our series of readers problems… as solved by one of the Chocolate Box Girls, with a little help from YOU! This time, it's SKYE'S turn to offer some advice…

Ari says:
I used to be able to sleep with no problem, but recently I've been having bad dreams and that makes me scared of going to sleep. I've been keeping the lights on but even so, most nights I'm so wound up I just can't get to sleep at all. I lie awake for hours and usually end up playing on my iPad or reading an e-book to take my mind of the nightmares. I seem to fall asleep about two or three and then I sleep in and end up exhausted at school… how can I break the pattern?

Skye says:
Dreams can be very unsettling, I know. A while ago, I had a series of very weird dreams which made me wary of falling asleep… not because they were bad dreams, but because they seemed more real than my actual life. The thing I learned from that is that dreams are just a reflection of your worries and thoughts, and nothing more. If you're having nightmares, it's probably that your subconscious is trying to make sense of something that's going on in your real life. Is there someone you can talk things through with so you can keep things in perspective?
Sleep-wise, try having a lazy bath before bed and relax with a book (not an e-book) or some relaxing music before trying to sleep. Make sure the room is dark, and banish iPads, laptops and mobile phones from the bedroom… they won't help you sleep, just the opposite. I honestly think that sorting out your daylight worries will put a stop to the nightmares, but if they continue, try taking control of them - change the script and take charge (in the dream!) to create a different outcome. Your mind is creating the dreams, so YOU are in charge - you can change everything if you choose to. Once the pattern is broken, your stress and fears about sleeping should fade away and everything should be better! Hope so!

Cathy says:
Do you agree with Skye? Have YOU got any extra advice for Ari? COMMENT BELOW to offer your own suggestions or share your own experiences of coping with sleepless nights!


  1. I worry about sleeping away from home, because I sleepwalk without any control over my words or actions, (unless I wake up), so I'm always nervous about what I might do... - Lauren

  2. This has really helped me as I can NEVER get to sleep... Thanks for the advice!

  3. I really agree with Skye, anything that is to do with screens is the worst thing possible. If you watch TV straight before you go to bed, then go upstairs around half an hour before your bedtime, then maybe have a bath or shower, and read a bit or write or draw. Anything like that, but not screens. Then go too bed five minutes before your actual bedtime. You could turn a dim lamp on, but do not do full light. When your in bed, think of happy things and things that make you smile, but push all the horrible thoughts away, and if you can't stop them, image stumping on the things and abusing them, ect. To help you get to sleep also, you should definitely try this: Think right from the start of your day and all your emotions and little things you did. I can guarantee that you will fall asleep before you get to where you currently are. I hope I've helped you, and a lot f others, too!
    Emily xxx

  4. I totally agree with Skye! Dreams are something that is purely based on you. Your sweetest memories, your deepest thoughts and your biggest fears. I find that facing your fears makes you a lot braver in your dreams. Just having that feeling of fulfillment gives you this happy boost that carries you even in the night. Just be brave. Challenge yourself. Then the nightmares will just glide away. And if not, you can get a dreamcatcher.

  5. Go for a run at least 2 hours before sleeping, I find that exercise tires me out and I willingly get into bed.



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