Sunday 20 April 2014


What's YOUR favourite thing about Easter? We asked readers to share their favourite traditions as well as the things they like best about Easter...

Belle says: 
One Easter I had a sleepover with my friends and we dressed up in bunny ears, made crispie cake nests with those little chocolate eggs in, and handed them out in the area where I live the next morning... that was very cool! People were a bit surprised but it made everyone smile... that's got to be good, right?

Shellie says:
We do egg-rolling near my village on Easter morning. There's a hill and lots of people turn up with hard-boiled eggs we have painted ourselves. The idea is to roll the eggs down the hill, and whichever one gets furthest wins a prize. We keep going even after the prizes are gone, and in the end the eggs get all smashed up. Our dog loves it, because he gets to hoover up hard-boiled egg!

Charlotte says:
We have an Easter egg hunt in the garden that our granny makes for us - we have a few friends over and it's really good fun!

Megan says:
Our friends come round for Easter Sunday lunch. After we eat, the little kids go outside and hunt for eggs.

Holly says:
I count friends as family so I give them all Easter eggs - Easter is about giving, not taking.

Hannah says:
We wait until everyone is up and then we go downstairs and hunt for Easter eggs... don't think I'll ever grow out of that!

Victoria says:
We always fly to London (I'm originally from Denmark) to celebrate there. On Easter Sunday we go to a michelin star restaurant and then feast on Cadbury chocolate eggs. We sometimes have an Easter egg hunt in our hotel room, too! It's an unusual Easter, but it's our tradition, and that's why I love it!

Caoimhe says:
We decorate a branch with hanging eggs and little chicks.

Susanna says:
We have lots of traditions, but going to church on Easter Sunday morning is the main one. It's a religious day which celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, but the meaning seems to have got lost these days and people see it as all about chocolate eggs. I don't really get the connection, although I do like the chocolate eggs!

Aoife says:
I have given up chocolate for lent - that's FORTY DAYS without it for those who don't know - so I'll be going to mass and then heading home for a chocolate fest. I'll have earned it by then!

Gemma says:
My dad hides those little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in pockets, shoes, drawers and nooks and crannies all around the house for us to find. I love it if I have a friend staying over, or relatives - they always love our tradition! And sometimes you are still finding chocolate eggs tucked away in clever hiding places months later!

Paula says:
We paint eggs. It's something we do every year - one year we tie-dyed them, one year we did batik dying on them, but often we just paint them with poster paints and varnish them. Mum keeps the best ones and the others we use for egg-rolling.

Lissa says:
It's about family. We go to church and then a big family dinner, outside if the weather is good, with everyone there, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. It's like the waking up of the year, if that makes sense.

Cara says:
It's all about chocolate, isn't it? Oh... I mean... being with FAMILY!!!

What makes YOUR Easter so special? MESSAGE BELOW to tell us! Oh, and HAPPY EASTER!!!


  1. We always have a special easter service mostly on the rising of Jesus Christ. I mean that IS what today is supposed to be about. But the whole chocolate egg idea makes the celebration a lot better. We also have a special dinner at home to commemorate when Jesus came to his disciples and asked them for food and showed them his scars from being nailed to the cross! Either way it's a special day!!!

  2. We've not done this before but yesterday me and Dad made hot cross buns. It wasn't that hard to make but took time... We spent 4 hours to make them (3 hours were proving!)

  3. I LOOOOOOVE easter eggs and all the chocolate and sweets



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